Imani Duhe lead singer of the famous R&B band Matched is in for a rollercoaster ride when two of the boys from One Direction begin to fancy her.
Okay so i dont know how to write a summary so just read the book i guess lol


2. Interviews, Surprises and Plans

I went into the interview and we sat down on this sofa and just looked around. There weren’t any cameras just a few photographers and a lady with a notepad.

“Okay so are you guys ready?” The lady asked. We nodded and Kemo winked at the lady. Ugh this boy is so flirtatious.

“SO Matched…” The interview was like a lot of our standard interviews. Not much was asked different. They always assume that im dating one of my band members but ew grody no. I know way to much aobut all of them to even marry them that’s gross. But before the interview ended they asked a question I had never gotten asked before.

“So did you guys bump into the One Direction boys they were in here just before you…” The woman asked.

“As a matter of fact we did they even gave Imani their contact information.” Zach said nudging me.

“Yeah Imani is quite the looker” Kemo said.

“Well when they were in their interview we asked who were their celebrity crushes and two of the band members said your name.” She said wiggling her eyebrows.

We all laughed and TJ tapped my shoulder. He was the one sitting the farthest away from me.

“Is that so? Who said my name.” I asked. Actually curious. I don’t even know their music. But ive heard they are pretty good singers by themselves.

“Zayn and Harry. Familiar with them?”

“Well I just met them and I think the one named Zayn tweeted me earlier and they just gave me their numbers.” I took the piece of paper out of my pocket and looked. Harry had written five numbers down in his scribbled hand writing.

“He gave me all the boys numbers actually…” I said laughing.

“Well aren’t you lucky?”

See that was the weirdest interview I had ever been to. Asking me about One Direction. That’s really awkard. Expecially since I know nothing about them except their names and now their phone numbers.

“So that was a fun interview.” Zach said. “Now call your future husbands and see what they are doing.”

“Uhm yeah it was but they aren’t my future husbands and which one should I call?” I asked. “Zayn was constantly dtsring st my boyd. Harry was flirtatious. Niall was so adorable asking for a picture. Louis and Liam didn’t talk much but Louis is the oldest.”

“Wow you already know a lot about them from that one meeting them.”

“Well he didn’t even put names above the numbers so I have no choice but tot call one. And look at those area codes those are so weird.” TJ said laughing.

“Erm okay ill call that one.” I pointed to a number and dialled it into my Iphone.

“Hello?” A raspy voice said.

“Hey uhm this is Imani Duhe from—“

“Oh you called! Its Harry! I love your music thanks for calling”

“Oh thanks… I haven’t ever really listened to your music but im sure its good.” I said awkwardly.

“So what are you doing tonight? The lads were wondering if you wanted to hang out…” Harry asked,

“Guys… GUYS!” They were fighting and weren’t paying attention “The boys wanted to hand out what are we doing?”

“Nothing tell them to come to our place.” Zach said.

“Come to our place…” I said.

“Okay we’ll be there around seven how does that sound.?” Harry said.

“Haz who are you talking to?” A voice in the background asked.
“Imani Lou!” He said the phone was being thrown around.

“Vas Happening.” A voice said.

“Oh helloo” I said laughing. I mean it was funny who says Vas Happening?

“Hey Imani its Zayn whats your address? Harry is a bit preoccupied right now” he said.

“Yeah its 273 Cherry Lane its right down the street from like a star bucks and yeah… see you guys at 7.”

*Hey its Imani so if you are reading this thanks so much :) If you want to be in the book you can either kik me @imanibadger or email Um yeah to get your character in the book you have to have their name, description, personality, and other like facts, also do you want them to be with a boy or just like friends with them

Much love, Imani

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