Imani Duhe lead singer of the famous R&B band Matched is in for a rollercoaster ride when two of the boys from One Direction begin to fancy her.
Okay so i dont know how to write a summary so just read the book i guess lol


1. Concert, Tweets, and Meets

I looked into the crowd and saw all the flashing lights and smiled. This is where I was always meant to be. Living my dream. Singing. Its great. I sang the words and it was always weird to me that people would sing the words that I wrote thinking in my room back to me. Its odd in a way that I can never explain. I looked over all the posters and saw one that really caught my eye. How much did they spend on that sign. It was one of those signs that you see in front of resteraunts or schools where like the words move across the screen. But instead of saying the new deals of the week it said ‘We Love You Matched. Yup the name of my internationally famous band is ‘Matched. I know its improper English but that is a really cool name. I saw the occasional boob flashing for my guitarist and bassist Zach and Kemo but I just turned my head away. Grody!! So im not one of those celebrities that is like “Let me change clothes five times during every performance” Im more “imma wear a nice short cool dress so I don’t die and some high tops so I don’t fall and die. All my scenarios end up with me dying. But eh. Whatever. I only change clothes once in my show. And that’s because my stylist said I have to. But I change into shorts and a crop top, With of course some high top sneakers... Because I don’t want to die. After the concert we went and had a little meet and greet with the fans. Bless them they are so cute. Its like one half of them are under eighteen and the other half is like adults. Its funny because my music is so chill that everyone likes it. Its not pop. I will listen to pop music and be like this is good but something on my conscious will not let me make pop music. To me its almost like fake music but let me not even get into that.

“Yo man you seem really out of it Imani are you okay?” Zach asked.

“Yeah dude im just like thinking… you know that boy band One Direction right?” I said thinking of a random topic. My mind was so blank but I wanted to make conversation while signing the endless numbers of fans cd’s coming my way.

“Yeah does Imani have a little celeb crush?” Kemo said nudging me and winking at a fan which made her swoon.

“Never that… just earlier the one… whose names starts with a Z I think mentioned me in a tweet that said ‘Want to collab with @ImaniOfficial and her band @MatchedOffic so bad!’ That scares me guys! Us collabing with a boy band seriously?” I said signing an album. I smiled at the little girl and she smiled widely at me.

“Imani I don’t think management would even do that to us seriously! Don’t be naïve” TJ said. He was the drummer.

“Yeah he is telling the truth I mean think about it like we collabed with Bruno Mars and Kanye. I doubt he would stoop us down to boy band level.” Zach said. He kissed a girls hand and security had to drag her away because she fainted.

“Zach please stop killing our fans.” I said laughing. The poor girl just plop fell out. I felt so bad for her. Passing out in front of your life time idol. That sucks. Not saying  we are her life time idol but she was wearing a shirt that said ‘Matched are my #1 Idols’ . So yeah. At the end of the concert I was super exhausted. I was about ready to fall out but we had an interview. I groaned and we all hopped into the black van.

“aw Imani You look exhausted wanna take a short nap on my shoulder?” Zach asked. I smiled. Zach is such a freaking sweet heart.=. I nodded and leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I dreamed of winning a Grammy. Hell yeah! It seemed like I had only been asleep for five minutes before Zach lightly shook me awake.

“Get up you chipmunk.” Tj said laughing at me.

“Ugh shutup you hippo.” I said sitting up.

We walked into the building and were led to sit outside of this room. Apparently there was another interview going on. I had on some short shorts and a t shirt that had the british flag. British Guys are so sexy. Like ever heard of Finn and Jack from youtube? They are sso hot. We sat there talking and laughing and just trying to enjoy the fact that we had a break for like 2 months after this. Like I have NEVER gotten a two month break. Like Ever. But we aren’t going on tour until two months from now and we don’t havbe any shows as of now. Well one but its going to be sort of like a vacation. The Itunes festival in England. I cant wait. I didn’t even notice that the door opened. Tj was in the middle of reading his tweets when someone said “Holy Shiza its ‘Matched’. I looked up and saw these five boys. Not to bad looking. Especially not the one with the blond patch in the front. He was hot. Wonder who they were. Plus was that a british accent. They must be like famous…

“That would be us… Im Imani.” I said smiling.

“I know who you are! I tweeted you this morning…” The blonde flippy haired one said.

“Oh… Im sorry if youre famous but whats your name?” Zach said.

“Oh Im Zayn, this is Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall. We are in the band One Direction.” I guess his name was Zayn said.

I could hear Kemo almost laugh from behind me.

“Oh! You guys are the What makes you Beautiful boys! It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I said.

“Oh you too im a huge fan of your music.” Harry said.

“Aw thanks.” Kemo said.

Harry took some paper out of his jacket and scribbled something down on it.

“Hey these are our numbers use them whenever sweetheart.” I mentally cringed. How old was this boy 15. I am a 19 year old girl. I will not be called in to jail for paedophilia.

“Oh she will how old are you guys?” Zach. Yea he is the smartest.

“Oh im 20  Zayn, Niall and Liam are all 19 and Haz here is a baby still 18 years old.”

“Shutup Lou im not that young!”

“Oh well we are all nineteen except Kemo is 21.” I said.

“Oh but you should really use the number we have to go see you guys around…” Harry said.

“Okay bye.” I said standing we had t go to the interview. I saw Zayns eyes linger at my legs. They weren’t long but these shorts did compliment them.

“Can we get a picture?” Niall asked. Wow these famous people are like little fangirls.

“Oh sure.” Harry pulled out his phone and clicked to camera. We all got in and he snapped it from the front. It was a good picture. Before they left Zayn winked at me. Why does this give me a weird feeling?

*So Hey guys its me your writer I am so happy to finally publish a bit of this book for you. I just started it i hope you like it :) you can kik me @imanibadger and ask me questions an dmake suggestions yeah :)

Imani :)

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