Imani Duhe lead singer of the famous R&B band Matched is in for a rollercoaster ride when two of the boys from One Direction begin to fancy her.
Okay so i dont know how to write a summary so just read the book i guess lol


4. Beautiful, Movies, and Nerf Guns

Zayn POV

She was stunning actually. Im so lucky I met her. Like no one ever really gets to meet major celebrities like her. She doesn’t know who we are and that surprises me a little bit but not much, I mean big time celebrities like her have more to do than stalk boy band right? Whatever. She seemed to genuinely enjoy our company. Harry was definetly making a move on her. It was so annoying he feels like he can get every single girl. Not this time Styles. I mean Harry and I would never fight over a girl. Im a lover not a fighter babe. But Imani is so fit I have got to have her. Wait? Why am I even having this mental argument with myself? This is ridiculous. Im talking to myself. I zoned back into the converstation and they were arguing about whose eyes were prettier. Louis, Niall, Harry or Imani. Imani’s eyes were like yellow gold. They were stunning. So far it was a tie between Harry and Imani.

“Zayn who are you voting for?” Liam asked me.

“Hmm Im going to have to say Imani… But Niall then Harry then Louis…” I sid pretending I was thinking hard.

“No fair! The only reason he chose Imani is because he fancies her.” I tried my hardest not to blush and said “No its not!”

“Zayn its okay the interviewer told us that you and Harry both have a crush on Imani.” Kemo said. Imani’s face turned red.

“How about a movie?” Zach asked feeling the uncomftorable tension starting to rise.

How do I get a seat next to Imani during the movie? Liam was sitting near her maybe I could switch with him. I sent him a quick text.

To Lili : Hey Liam could I switch seats with you please?

From Lili: Sure you wanna sit by your boo thang?

To Lili: ………….

From Lili: lolol okay im moving now.

He got up and I moved. Now I was in the sofa next to Imani. Zach put in The Ring. Maybe I could get her to like freak out and cuddle up to me I looked u and saw Harry had moved and was sitting next to her.

“So do you like scary movies?” I asked her.

“Yeah most def…. but i’m easily scared.” She said laughing. She smelled really good like… cookies.

“Don’t worry babe I got you.” Harry said. She sent a glance at Harry then looked back at me.

“What you don’t like me babe?” He asked.

“No you are just a very flirtatious little boy!” She said laughing.

“That’s what women say…” he said.

She ruffled his hair and I couldn’t help but feel jealous. Why couldn’t I be like that! I wish she would ruffle my hair. The movie started and she brought her feet up onto the sofa in criss cross apple sauce.

“zayn?” she said.

“Whats up?” I hope she asks for a cuddle…. I hope she asks for a cuddle.

“Reach beside you and grab that blanket please?” I reached beside me and grabbed this huge blanket with all the marvel super heroes on it.

“Nice blanket!” I said looking at it.

“Thanks.” She spread it over the three of us and pulled the blacnket up to her chin. The first scary part in the movie she found my hand and squeezed it really hard. Damn that girl has a strong grip. I held her hand and softly moved my thumb along the smooth layer of skin on top of her hand. She kept flinching everytime something happened but I was there to comfort her. I looked over at harry and he was oblivious to what was going on under the covers. I looked over at Imani and just let my eyes rest on her face. Her face was actually perfect and her hair was in a perfect messy bun. I didn’t even know that was possible. She was turning me on without even doing anything. How does this girl achieve this! Its absolutely ridiculous. After the movie Imani’s face was very flushed because of the amount of screaming she had been doing.

“What else is there to do?” Louis asked as he stood up.

“Well there is a nerf room.” She said. How much more perfect can she get. An amazing girl. A singer. And she has a nerf room in her house. She led us through the house and stopped in front of this door. We walked in and it was like an attached part of the house with obstacles and things and there was a whole row of nerf guns on the wall.

“Imani this is fucking amazing!” Louis said. He grabbed a gun and a vest … well we all did.

“Free for all?” Imani asked.

“How about 1D vs. Matched.” Harry asked a mischevious glint in his eyes.

“Sounds good to me” Tj said his over confident self.

We split up and went across the room.

“Okay ready set GO!” Zach yelled as we took off around the room.

Imani’s POV

I ran around the thing and all you could hear was tennis shoes squeaking. Good thing for me I didn’t have my shoes on at the moment. I ran silently through the room. I saw a lot of people but no one that I really wanted to kill. I wanted to get Harry. He seems so dang confident that he could beat me because I was a girl. But nope im gonna win. I saw his curly top and tip toes around. Then he was gone. I ran to the other side of the room and silently walked around. I was like a predator stalking prey. I was about to jet out of the area but someone grabbed my waist and pushed me up so my back was against the wall and his gun pointed to my vest. I looked up and whispered “You cheeky bastard”

*Hey guys! So like who do you think it is? Im known for game changers so don’t just make easy guesses! Tem Zani or Team Hani? I cant think of any good couple names so just help me out here! Oh yeah and the person that gives me the best one might be able to have a character of their in the book! Comment or Kik me :) (@imanibadger)



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