Meeting Someone

When Caroline found out a couple years ago that she was secretly Harry Styles sister, she was fine with it. She lived with them and they were all extremely close. But when Harry gets in the band One Direction, will he forget about her and treat her as an outsider or will he remember. (Ok I am just warning you it might be short.)


7. The Pizza Guy

When Liam dragged me indoors I luckily was a good actor. When I got indoors I was still so happy that he threw me a party. I wasn't used to this. When I got in everyone gave me a hug and said Happy Birthday and stuff. Then we opened the presents, Lea got me a new outfit, my friend Ava got me an infinity necklace and my other friend Falyn got me a charm bracelet and a new shirt. Then came the boys Niall got me a shirt that said I LOVE NANDOS, Loui got me a cute striped sundress, Harry got me a new phone case and new headphones, Liam got me some suspenders with mustaches on them, Zayn got me a shirt with a heart on the back, and other people got me other stuff. When we got done opening presents we decided to watch TV. When Niall got hungry I ordered pizza, then five minutes later the doorbell rang. When I opened it I nearly was Mac. Ugh what is he doing here I thought. He looked pleased. I grabbed the pizza and  gave him the money then he blurted out, "Caroline I miss you so much I need you so much I miss you please forgive me I will never do that again just please will you ever love me again?" He asked slash yelled. By now I was crying I didn't know what to do, I mean I did miss him so much I really did. Yes or No? "I will call you tommorow and tell you my answer" I told him. "Alright" he said "Well happy birthday anyways" then he left. I watched him walk to the car but then closed the door. I ran into where everyone was and I slammed the pizza on the floor and yelled "We are never EVER getting pizza again!!!!!". Then I ran up to my room. I heard Niall yell he was sorry for the pizza and someone knocking on my door. I yelled for them to go away but I heard an Irish accent. When I opened it everyone was there so I pulled Niall in my room and slammed the door shut. I told him everything and he got mad at him. "Niall I will say no tommorow, k?" I told him and he nodded. We laid down on the bed and I fell asleep very quick.

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