Meeting Someone

When Caroline found out a couple years ago that she was secretly Harry Styles sister, she was fine with it. She lived with them and they were all extremely close. But when Harry gets in the band One Direction, will he forget about her and treat her as an outsider or will he remember. (Ok I am just warning you it might be short.)


6. My Birthday!!

Carolines POV: I woke up to LWWY blaring in my ears. Yes he is my brother but I can still listen to his music,right?? When I realized it was Saturday and I slept in.....late I practically screamed. Lets just say the teachers aren't my best friends. When I checked the time again, I couldn't believe it. It was 10:00 and I usually wake up at 8:00. I went to the bathroom with my clothes and a towel. When I got in there I saw Niall eating Nandos on the toilet. Oh my gosh, "Hello" he said. Mouth stuffed. "Heyyy Nialler, we still on for tonight?" I asked. "Yup yup yup we are can't wait" he answered. "Haha neither can I, now may I please take my shower?" I asked him smiling. "Oh ya sorry" he said blushing and got up. I gave him and quick hug and said "Its alright Nialler just no Nandos in the pee room" I said and he giggled and went. I started in the shower and got in. I washed my self and hopped out. I dryed and put a towel on my head. Then I got dressed in some dark wash skinny jeans and put on a graphic tee with an owl on it. By now the towel was off my head. When I got downstairs I put on my purple converse and was headed for the door. Then Harry and Nial stopped me, "Where do you think you are going?" Harry asked me. "McDonalds for breakfeast, why?" I asked him. He just nodded and then walked away. I pecked Niall on the cheek and said I would be back in a few. I got out my phone and put earbuds in and headed out the door. I decided to walk. When I got there it was packed.

Harrys POV: Bad idea, Caroline, that place is packed. I walked into the kitchen and called all the boys in. "Alright mates we have to throw a party" I told them. "Who for?" Niall asked. "Your girlfriend, now we need gifts people and decorations. Niall and Loui your decorations. Liam and Zayn do presents and I will do people. Alright?" I told them. "Alright" they said and we were off to work. Then there was a bell at the door. I opoened to find Lea in her Supergirl costume. Gosh she loves that thing. "Lea is here to save the day and present a birthday girl a birthday party" she said her hand in the air. I told her to invite people, but only close friends and joined Liam and Zayn. They were heading out the door. I called out that we were gonna be there later and headed off to the mall.

Carolines POV: When I got back from McDonalds, Harrys car was pulling into the driveway. Liam jumped out of the car and covered my eyes until the boys were inside. Huh, man Harry probably threw me a party, well now I gotta act excited.


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