Meeting Someone

When Caroline found out a couple years ago that she was secretly Harry Styles sister, she was fine with it. She lived with them and they were all extremely close. But when Harry gets in the band One Direction, will he forget about her and treat her as an outsider or will he remember. (Ok I am just warning you it might be short.)


3. Dinner And The Boys

Harry's POV: I feel really bad. Caroline has never been like that besides that one time... not important now. I decided to make her dinner since she hasn't come from her room since. I made a little note and it told the truth. It said how I hit my head on the plane and my memory was a little foggy. She was the one I was scared to talk to becuase I thought I would mess up. And I also made tacos I put the note on the taco plate and went to the market. It wasn't that late though, it was only 4:30.

Caroline's POV: I woke up to the sound of a door slamming. I realized what had happened earlier. I kind of felt bad for making a scene bbut i was interupted by my stomach growling. I went downstairs and saw a plate of tacos on the table. That was the table I was told about Harry, that was the table Mac asked me to be his girlfriend, good things happened at that table. By the way the tacos had a note. I read the note and thought Harry is sweet, and I believe him so I forgive him. I sat down with my tacos and started watching TV. I checked my phone. One message and it was from.... Mac! Yay! I read the message.

From: Mac<3

Hey babe i gotta raincheck on the date we have tonight. How about tommorow at Starbucks. See ya there, Ashley.                       Who was Ashley and why did he raincheck. Wait we had a date tonight at now, he is supposed to pick me up. I got an idea. Then i hear a knock on the door. I got my acting skills on and opened the door. Mac. "Hey babe why aren't you dressed?" he asked. "Oh I'm not feeling well can I take a raincheck?" i asked with my nose all "stuffed". " OK i guess by then." he said and left. I got back to the TV and plotted my plan then the bell rang. Standing in my doorway was all of the boys from One Direction and my Lea. I gave Harry a hug and whispered i forgave him. Then at once all of them said there names and i smiled and said hello. I guess I have a wicked memory. Then I asked Lea "Why you here girl?". And she said " Well i was just hangin in my house and then i saw harrys car in your driveway so i told my mother i was-"
"Alright i got it" i cut her off she can go on for a while. Then we all piled into the house and went to sleep. Well that was a long day. As i slowly got more and more tired my eyes kept shutting then I fell asleep.                                                                                                

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