Meeting Someone

When Caroline found out a couple years ago that she was secretly Harry Styles sister, she was fine with it. She lived with them and they were all extremely close. But when Harry gets in the band One Direction, will he forget about her and treat her as an outsider or will he remember. (Ok I am just warning you it might be short.)


4. Cheaters and Scary Movies

Caroline's POV: I quickly got out of bed. I didn't bother to look at my clock I knew what time it was. I got in my shower washed and got out. When I got out I saw my outfit was out. (A striped dress, a bra, underwear, and black flats). I then saw a note, Dear Caroline, Your very welcome Sincerely, Louis. Ahh that's Loui for you. I got on the outfit put my makeup stuff on and dryed my hair surprisingly if I ran then I might not be late. So I ran to school. When I got there the morning bell rang and I had 10 minutes to get to my class. No hurry. When I was walking to my locker I passed by the bitchiest 3 girls in our grade. Signe, Ashley, and Molly. All of them looking to ruin people's lives. Maybe me a little more. We used to be best friends then they trurned on me like that. "Hello Caroline I see you actually decided to show up today" Signe said. "Hello Signe I see you actually decided to wear your mask today, how pleasent" I told her and walked to my locker. When I got to my locker I saw something happening down the hall. Seems like someone making out when I got my view better (So maybe my contacts aren't perfect) I saw it was Mac and Ashley?!?! All I could do was run home. I passed Lea on the road and she looked at me funny but I kept running then I got to my house. I burst through the door and ran up to my room, sadly the boys were on the couch when I burst through. I started sobbing in my pillow. Me and Mac have been the Super Couple since you can remember. Then I heard a knock on the door. "Go away" I yelled through the door. "No" Niall said on the other side. It would be nice to talk to Niall I do have a little crush on him.

Niall's POV: We were watching the telly and Caroline just burst through the door. I immediatly got up and went to her bedroom. I knocked on the door, all she did was say go away. Alright, then I rufused. Then she let me in. She looked so sad. I can't stand to see her like that. I might have a little crush on her. When I came in I gave her a hug and let go so she could tell me what's wrong.

Caroline's POV: I told Niall everything, and he wasn't to happy with Mac. I told him to let it go but he said "No I am not going to let it go Caroline, no one can treat a beautiful girl like you like that, it is terrible and mean". "Wait so you like me" I asked him. He nodded then I gave him a hug and said "I like you too Nialler, maybe fate did this on purpose, so we could be together" Then he nodded and got on his one knee and said "Caroline will you go on a date with me?" I nodded and we hugged. We just sat there talking and watching TV on my telly in my room and then we checked the time, 6:00. Wow, time flies by when your having fun. We walked into the kitchen and made some dinner, it was turkey so i was kind of tired after. Then we went in the living room and saw the boys were watching a scary movie. Haha, Harry can't get enough of those. Then Gemma burst through the door, me and Niall just looked but the other boys screamed. Me, Niall, and Gemma were on the floor laughing. Then I said "Hey I'm going to crash, now you know I won't be here to protect you right?" I said smiling, all they did was nod and turn red again. I laughed and went upstairs and fell asleep.

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