A story that has been waiting to be written for a very long time. A story based on very true events that took place in my life only a few years ago. A story of love, passion and heartbreak.


3. Tuesday Blues

Tuesday morning came with a light drizzle and a cold wind. It matched my mood perfectly. I cautiously looked in the mirror and regretted it instantly. The bruise was an even deeper shade of purple than last night and the graze was scabbing up. I looked a right sight. I tried to cover up as much as possible with foundation but it hurt to the touch so I could only get a little on. I didn't even attempt eyeliner.

I woke Jane up at 6.30am and got her breakfast ready. I went through the usual rituals of making packed lunches for the three of us, getting breakfast ready and Jane's bookbag needed to be packed. Lizzie sauntered in looking amazing as usual. I envied how she managed the make the excuse of our uniform look cool. She wandered over.

"Shit what happened to you?"

"Lizzie!" I glared in Jane's direction and then back at her. She just shrugged.

"Mum" I simply said and her eyes widened.

"Is this from yesterday?" She looked with a smidge of concern on her face I was surprised to see.

"Mmm" I wasn't prepared to go over it. She was soon distracted by the contents of her packed lunch.

"Ugh. I told you not to ut this in my packed lunch. Do you understand what this could have done to my figure?" I rolled my eyes. Lizzie was what you might call a drama queen. 

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