A story that has been waiting to be written for a very long time. A story based on very true events that took place in my life only a few years ago. A story of love, passion and heartbreak.


2. Nothing lasts forever

The car stopped and all 5 of us got out. We were at Matalan in Barrow. Mum and Dad held hands while we walked the short distance to the shop. The 3 of us looked at each other, the excitement clearly readable on our faces as Dad gave us a wink. It was lovely: the 5 of us like a proper family. Maybe, just maybe this would be the turning point.

3 hurs later we rode home in the car. Silence was replaced with a bubbly chatter between us three and a conversation between Mum and Dad. A civilized conversation between Mum and Dad. Was this really happening? Normally I hated Sudays but today had been perfect. We had shopped in Matalan for ages. I got a gorgeous pair of shoes and Jane got a nice headband. Lizzie had pounced on the make up section as soon as we got into the shop. I had looked at her in awe at the checkout.

"What?" She had asked nonchantly. "I needed some more".

"Evidently" I replied.

When we got back we sat at the table (like a family) and ate lunch. For once we were all happy. I was dazed by it all. After lunch, Mum and Lizzie went upstairs while the rest of us chose a DVD to watch. Taking advantage of Mum's absence I decided to find out what was happening.

"Dad what's going on?" I didn't mind Jane being there. She just sat and played with Cinderella. You would think being 10 she'd grown out of princesses, but unfortunately not.

"Well apparently she's fallen out with Helen" Dad replied. This explained everything. For some odd reason whenever Mum fell out with one of her family members she seemed to be much nicer. Today was evidence of that. That night I lay in bed feeling on cloud nine. "This is what it  feels like to have proper family" I thought.

"Holly?" Jane whispered.

"Jane? I thought you were asleep."

"Holly wasn't today great?"

"Yeah. Yeah it was. Night Jane."



"What Jane?!"

"I love you."

"I love too."

Unfortunately, it wasn't the turning point. The following week Mum had evidently made up with Helen. It was Monday night and I was attempting to clear the backlog of GCSE revision that was awaiting me. All of a sudden there was shouting downstairs so I went to investigate. Silently I was praying things weren't back to the way they were. Life had been so great this past week. It would just be cruel if things went back to normal especially as we'd had the taster for real family life. As I got downstairs I found it was Lizzie, not Dad that was in the firing line. Mum was bellowing her head off at her.

I reacted as quickly as possible and got Jane to go over to Nana's (she lived a couple of steps up from us) and I told her tell her that "Holly had told me to come over". Hopefully, Nana would get the hint. I tried to extricate Jane any 'difficult' situation that I could but it wasn't always so easy. I joined Lizzies side to find her muffled sobs staining a cushion held in her face. I provided a distraction for Mum as she looked me up and down unpleasantly. For some reason she had always taken an unlikenesss to me.

"I wish I'd never had the 3 of you. You were all a bunch of mistakes!" I felt as though a knife had been pushed through my chest and twisted repeatedly. I could tell Lizzie felt the same because she cried out and ran upstairs. I was tempted to do the same but I was rooted to the spot with shock.

"I.........hate........you" the word stumbled out of my mouth uncontrollably. Immediately, I realised what a mistake I'd made as Mum drew a plate from the cupboard. She aimed and launched it at me. It was like everything was in slow motion. I watched the plate come towards me, unable to move. Fortunately it missed my ear but did graze my right cheek. This angered her even more and she slapped me hard across the face. Hot tears cascaded down my cheeks stinging the graze. My whole face felt fuzzy after the slap and I could feel my eye start to bruise.

"You will respect your elders" She shouted at me. The she made herself a cup of tea and went and put her feet up. I was still paralyzed with shock. Could this woman feel no shame, no remorse, no guilt? Apparently, it seemed not. How could this woman be my mother?

I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, tears flooding my vision. I jumped on the bed and grabbed the book from under the bed.

"Shoud I call them?" I thought to myself. In my hand I held my phone but for some reason I couldn't bring it to my ear.

"Come on!" I shouted at myself and dialled the numbers.

"Hello, Childline here. What can I do to help you?" She sounded so cool and calm like thousands of kids spoke to her every day.

"Are you ok?" I cried harder. It was so nice having someone care for a change. She seemed to understand for she said:

"Look, its ok. Talk to me whenever you feel you ready." How could I possibly put into words what I felt? I could I tell her that my Mum had just hit me and this was just one instance. How could I describe my situation, the arguments, the devastation for Jane being in the middle of all this? I couldn't. With a brief muffle of "Thanks" I hung up and lay on the bed, the sound of my own breathing calming me down.

Jane appeared at the door.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Argument with Mum." She nodded understandingly.

"Nana had to go out so I came back over." She relayed their conversation to me. I must have drifted off because I awoke later that night with one thought haunting my mind. I clmbed off the bed to see the damage. A purple bruise blanketed my eye and cheek with a nice graze to finish it all off. Bloody hell, she'd really outdone herself this time. How was I going to explain all this tomorrow?

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