The Top.

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  • Published: 6 Nov 12
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Blurb This is a poem I wrote in Creative Writing club, with the theme of World War 1. We were given a prompt that basically said it had to be set during the time just before they were set to go over the top.
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1. The Top.

For country, for sure,
They don't have a clue of the things we endure,
I gave up on everything
and everyone, just for country to win. 

Fingers crossed that we win. 

My beautiful dear,
I'm sure this won't reach you for nearly a year,
And our beautiful daughter,
Don't tell her her father sat in trench water. 

Fingers crossed that we win. 

Remember me now,
The sweet little kiss I placed on your brow.
As I prepare for the top,
I'm sure now I've started I really won't stop. 

Fingers crossed that we win. 
I really hope that we win. 

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