All These Little Things

When Josey and her best friends go to a book signing at Circle Centre mall and meet One Direction. What will happen when Josey and Harry start talking? Will they start a relationship or will their friendship end badly? Read to find out!


1. The signing

Josey's P.O.V

"Girl! You need to wake up NOW!" Yes, this is what I wake up to almost everyday. No need to own an alarm clock when you have a best friend like Katie. "What do you want." I groaned. "Oh nothing.... Just wanted to remind you that ONE FREAKING DIRECTION IS GONNA BE AT THE MALL TODAY FOR A BOOK SIGNING!!!!" In an instant I was out of my covers and sitting up Fangirling. " OH MY GOD!!!! I forgot about that! " I was in the middle of thinking about how hot Harry was going to look today. Then Katie snapped me out of my thoughts. " Hurry up Josey! I'm not getting any younger here and I CANNOT WAIT TO FINALLY MEET ONE DIRECTION! Maybe one of then will kiss me, or maybe they will all fight over me! " Blah blah blah....she was obsessed. " Sorry, but I still have to get ready." I walked into my bathroom and began curling my long strawberry blonde hair. After I was satisfied with how my hair looked I moved on to my makeup. I brushed a little foundation on and some some mascara and I was done. As I was walking to my closet I could hear Katie in her room screaming the words to Live While We're Young. She could be so immature sometimes but I guess that's why we get along so well! We both act like we're about 5 years old. I finally walked back into my room after dancing with Katie till the song was over. This was the hard part. Picking what to wear. Katie and I had families that were pretty loaded with money, so I had quite a bit of clothes. I went to my closet and decided on a lace cut off t-shirt and some short shorts since it was summer here in the great state of Indiana. *sarcasm* I found a pair of silver stud gladiator sandals that completed the look. Now that I was finally done I went to find Katie and tell her that I was ready to go. "Katie! I'm ready! Lets go!!!!" I yelled. Then she came running down the hall ready to go. This was going to be great!

Katie's P.O.V

Man... It had taken Josey long enough. I had been ready to go an hour ago!
She really did know how to make people late, but at least we were still going! I really couldn't believe it! I am going to MEET ONE DIRECTION! 20 mins later we were arriving at Circle Centre mall in downtown Indianapolis.
I was hours away from meeting Niall Horan!!! Today was a special day so I straightened my naturally curly hair. My hair is a blonde/brown and it comes to about bottom of my boobs. I was dressed in a pair of high waisted jean shorts with a cute loose cheetah print top. To finish off the look I wore a pair of black Nike high tops. I must say my outfit looked good and I did a good job. I don't think I could wait any longer. Just when I thought things were going to be boring up until we met the boys, Addalyn, Olivia and Hannah showed up. Yes! Now all of us are here.

Addalyn's P.O.V

I didn't really like One Direction. I admit they were cute but I didn't really like or listen to their music. Josey and Katie on the other hand, well those two were CRAZY when it came to One Direction! They had just about every poster of them and they new every word to every song. They were defiantly directioners. We had just pulled up to Circle Centre mall and I was greeted by Josey and Katie. " Hey girls! I bet you guys are excited!" Josey responded saying, " You know it! How about you guys?" I forgot to mention that Hannah and Olivia had rode with me because they were big fans too! We cut in line with the girls and we were getting closer to meeting the boys. Louis. Niall. Harry. Liam. Zayn. OH. MY. GOD.

Hannah's P.O.V

I am so freaking excited!!! In less than an hour I would be meeting One Direction! I was a huge fan of the boys. My personal favorite was Liam and I had always liked him. The amazing looks the gorgeous brown eyes that you could just get lost in, and lets not forget that amazing brown hair! He was so sweet and he just seemed like a real great guy. I had dressed up today just in hope that he would notice me. I wore my black hair in its natural waves and put a minimal amount of makeup on. My outfit was a cute floral jumper that stopped about mid thigh that I had gotten a Nordstrom. It was cute, to top off the outfit I had a pair black pumps. I may have been a bit over dressed but I thought I looked good!

Olivia's P.O.V

This was my moment of glory. I was going to MEET One Direction. I tried keeping it calm on the outside but on the inside I was fangirling like CRAZY!!! I seriously could not contain my excitement. This was going to be the best moment of my life...

Josey's P.O.V

We were finally at the tables where the boys were and we were all getting out our Dare to Dream books when Harry made direct eye contact with me. I know that people say his eyes are amazing in pictures but you should really see them in person. They are a bright electric green that you could just stare at all day! He seemed to notice that I caught him staring tame because he quickly looked away. I couldn't believe that THE Harry Styles was just staring at ME Josey Martin. We were finally up to the boys and I went first to greet them. "Hi!" My voice squeaked a little and I was soon a dark shade of red from embarrassment. Niall was the first to talk. "Hello, what's your name?" "Josey" I said. "Well Josey it was very nice to meet you I hope you have a great day." That was it.?! No Horan Hug.?! Whatever, I thought. I had met all of the boys except for Harry now. They were all very nice and seemed like nice guys, and I just couldn't get over their accents. I was finally to Harry and he just stared at me.... ACCA awkward! ( I had to say that from pitch perfect! Lol ) I finally spoke up. " Hi Harry!" " Hello love, you sure are a pretty one. Do you mind if I get your number?" I was in shock! I quickly gave him my number. " Thanks love, I will be getting a hold of you while we are still in town" he signed my book and that was it. HARRY STYLES JUST ASKED ME FOR MY NUMBER!!! Oh. My. God. I was defiantly fangirling right now! I can't wait to tell the girls about this! Almost immediately I got a text. UNKNOWN: Hey babe ;) - Harry xx
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