All These Little Things

When Josey and her best friends go to a book signing at Circle Centre mall and meet One Direction. What will happen when Josey and Harry start talking? Will they start a relationship or will their friendship end badly? Read to find out!


2. It's Party Time!

Josey's P.O.V

"I am speechless...." Katie said. " Doofus, if you were speechless then you wouldn't be talking right now! Hahaha!" I replied back. "Oh... Right! Well then, how did you girls like it?!?!" Katie asked. We all started screaming random things and everyone around us were looking at us like we were complete and utter idiots! The excitement of it all had made us really hungry so we went to get something to eat." Damn, Indiana sucks! We don't even have a NANDO'S" I screamed. " Oh well.... How about we go to JIMMY JOHNS!!!" I said excitedly. " Nahh... How about....well....umm.... Fine. Jimmy John's it is." Katie replied. Since in downtown Indy everything is really close all we had to do was walk around the corner and we were there! We all walked into Jimmy John's, ordered our food and quickly ate. Once we were done we all piled into our cars and took off to mine and Katie's house ,that we shared, for a pool party. When we had finally arrived we all had to go and get dressed into our swimsuits. Mine was a blue and white polka dotted string bikini. I quickly grabbed my IPhone ran out of my room and out to the pool where all of the other girls were waiting for me. Just then I realized that I had forgotten to text Harry back! How could I forget?! So I quickly text him. -----ME: Hey! What's up? ;)-----
I sat my phone back down on the pool chair and quickly ran to the diving board and jumped in and splashed the girls.Hannah got mad at me somshe attacked me and tried dunking me under multiple times. Before I knew it we were having a major water fight! A couple minutes later my phone went of indicating that I had gotten a text. -----HARRY ;) : oh, nothing really just sitting here with the boys. You? ;D----- I typed back. -----ME: Same :) just hanging with the girls at mine and Katie's house having a pool party... Do you wanna come over and bring the boys? ;) ----- Almost instantly I got a text back! ----- HARRY ;) : Sure! Let me tell the them and we will be on our way! What's your address? :) ----- I texted him back my address and went back to the pool with the girls.

Addalyn's P.O.V

Josey had been over laying on her chair texting someone on her phone with a huge grin spread across her face for awhile. She was one of my best friends and I knew she hadn't been texting anyone so it must be someone she just met. She soon came over with a grin plastered on her face. Something was defiantly up. " Girls....I didn't tell you this but at the signing Harry asked me for my number, and I was just texting him, and he says he wants to come over right now and bring the boys!!!!" So that's what it was, she was texting the cheesiest member in the band and ALL of them were coming over. What a joy. I seriously did not get why the girls liked them so much! Whatever. All I needed to do was embrace it and have fun and maybe they want be as bad as I thought they would be! We had all just sent off Katie to call Kelsey and ask he if she wanted to come over. When she came back she told us that Kelsey was on her way. I was having a pretty bad day today. Starting with my looks and outfit, my naturally Barbie blonde hair that is usually stick straight, when I woke up it looked like a rats nest. My face wasn't really all that bad. My outfit....ugh.... I couldn't pick out a good one today so I just went with a pair of short shorts and and black A&E v-neck tee with a pair of white high top Converse. Now, to make things worse One Direction was coming over...... Just great......

Kelsey's P.O.V

I was so upset today. All of the girls except for me had gotten to go to a book signing for Dare To Dream but I didn't get to. Do you want to know why? My parents wouldn't let me because they said I had to go with them to my grandmas house! I'm fucking 18! I don't need to go with them everywhere anymore! All of the girls had graduated last year and were 19. I had just graduated 3 weeks ago and my parents still acted like I was a little kid! I had just gotten home when I got a call from Katie. "Hello?" " Hey Girl! The girls and I wanted to know if you wanted to come to our pool party?!" She screamed into the phone. " Yes! I'll be there soon!" I replied " Okay Kels! Bye!" ---END OF CALL--- Finally I could get away from my family and go and hang out with my best friends! I had to get my stuff ready and decided that, even though we were swimming, I was going to put on some makeup. I pulled my long straight red velvet cake colored hair into a messy ponytail. My hair is the color of Ariana Grande's. I took off my jean shorts and slipped on my swimsuit and put a coverup on over it. I was ready to go. " Mom! Dad! I'm going to Katie and Josey's house for a pool party! See you later!" And with that I was gone. Their house wasn't that far from mine, maybe a 5 or 6 min drive, so I was there pretty fast. When I pulled into their drive there was a black Range Rover that I didn't recognize. I put that aside and walked right into their house. When I got to the pool I saw 5 guys standing by the pool talking to the girls. It looked like One Direction, but I wasn't that big of a fan. All of the girls, as soon as they saw me, got right out of the pool and ran over to me and engulfed me in hugs. The 5 guys turned around wondering what was going on, and sure enough, it was One Direction! The only one out of them that I actually thought was cute was Liam Payne. Right then he looked right at me and I was lost in his eyes.

Hannah's P.O.V

When Josey told us that One Direction was coming I freaked out! I played it cool and pretended like I wasn't overly excited.... But I think they could tell I was. Soon after the boys showed up and they had brought along another friend. I had seen him before but had forgotten what his name was. When we were all being introduced I found out his name was Andy. I have to admit he was goddam hot! I think he even beat Liam! He looked over at me and caught me staring at him and he just laughed and smiled. I almost immediately blushed and turned red in the face. Before I new it he was walking over to me. " Hey Hannah." It took me a moment but I finally spoke up. " Hey what's up?! " I asked. " oh, you know, just talking to the most beautiful girl I have EVER met!" After he said that I blushed AGAIN! Second time in the last five minuets! "Awww thanks! But really, I'm not that pretty." I said back. In an instant he was so close I could feel his breath on my face. " Yes you are, and I know this may be a little too soon and you don't really know me AT ALL but....I was....ermm.... Will you be my girlfriend Hannah?" Woah! I was not expecting that! Like it was instinct I replied back..... " YES!!! We barely know each other but I just know that you're a good guy! And about getting to know each other.... Well... We can change that...." I winked at him and went in for a kiss. Before I knew it the kiss was heated and passionate. I hated to do it but I had to break it off. That was the best kiss I have ever had. I was now officially in a relationship with Andy Samuels!
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