All These Little Things

When Josey and her best friends go to a book signing at Circle Centre mall and meet One Direction. What will happen when Josey and Harry start talking? Will they start a relationship or will their friendship end badly? Read to find out!


3. By the End of the Week

A/N :

Sorry it has taken so long... I've been SO BUSY!!! :( I was hoping to have ch. 4 on by tomorrow! :D & I'm sorry that the ch. is really short! So... I hope you like it! ENJOY!!! :D <3

Katie's P.O.V

Hannah and Andy were in a relationship. From the looks of it Josey and Harry were off to a good start too! I wonder how long until they were official! I had caught Niall looking at me several times. When was he going to be a man and walk over to me and start a conversation?! What a silly Irishman! I have always had a huge crush on him as long as I've been a directioner. That accent of his, the way he dances, just everything about him! In my opinion he was just perfect! I think he had caught me staring at him because he finally started to walk over towards me. YES!!!! FINALLY!!! "Hi" he said very shyly. "Hey Nialler! How are you?" "Pretty good. I'm really hungry you think we could call in pizza or something?!" He asked. This was just the Niall that I thought he was! I started laughing and he just turned a bright red. I called over to Josey, "Hey Josey! Niall here wants to know if we could call in some pizza! Can we?" "Yes!!! I'll go call it in!" She yelled back. The pizza arrived about 30 minutes later and was gone in less than 5! Before I knew the boys were leaving. I was really disappointed that they were leaving. I really hope Niall finds out soon that I like him!

Olivia's P.O.V

Louis and I were becoming really good friends. We had gotten to know each other very well. I think I know a lot about him now. He's extremely funny, loves carrots, his nickname is Boo-Bear and so much more. The day passed fast, and right before the boys were going to leave Louis asked me to take a walk with him. Hmmm... I wonder where this is going to lead! Then he started mumbling, and then he asked something that I couldn't understand. "What?" I asked. " Will you go out with me? I mean! You don't have to! I really want you to but...." And then I shut up his mumbling with a kiss. He was so sweet! "YES LOU!!! I will go out with you! " we kissed again and then we started walking back to everyone. The boys had to leave and all of us girls were upset. I think we would all have boyfriends by the end of the week, but by the looks of it, it may be sooner.
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