Mysteries In my street


4. The revealing

Did I say that I loved Oliver? Well now I absolutely hate his guts. Stupid bastard. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. Apparently, he's not even human. He's A FREAKING VAMPIRE. A double-crossing, lying, foul "£$%^&*()_+)(&*&%$£"!@:!!!!! He went and told every monster that the only human left was ME and then he made them take me into custody. I was taken from my house at  10PM and bound tightly with ropes and gagged. And I was dragged- DRAGGED- to the jail. Just for being human. I will seriously STAKE him, if I ever see him again. Which isn't likely, because I'll be dead. Dead, and buried. With the worms. And I do NOT want to die.

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