Mysteries In my street


7. The humiliation

I was tied to a pole outside the jail- in full view of anybody who cared, which happened to be every bloody person on this street. There were people beating on drums and blowing trumpets. A man was standing about five meters away from me reading my sentence. "You Angela Brockwood, will be tortured until dead." It was Oliver who stepped forward, to deliver the punishment. Oliver of all people- then I understood. "The only way was to make you a vampire. I'm really sorry." Oliver brushed away the stray hairs and tucked them behind my ears. He bent my neck in just the right angle- I heard the crowd which had been cheering and clapping grow silent. I felt his breath on my neck then a stabbing pain in my neck- I knew I was whimpering and moaning, but I didn't care. Pain- I could hear the crowd clapping and cheering- again- and I knew I was dying...

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