Mysteries In my street


1. Prologue-The Beginning

Believe me, my street is the craziest most insanely weirdest of all the streets in all of England. No, scratch that, THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD. I found out all the mysteries in my street last week. Lets just say I'd rather- if I had the choice- forget everything I found out. Apparently, my next door neighbour is a ghost- my grandmother is a witch, and I'm the only human in my street. Which sucks rocks, because I am at risk of every single monster/ supernatural being finding out that I'm not one of them. My parents are dead- they weren't human- which makes me beg to consider that I might be adopted. If I'm found out, I'll be killed in a public execution in Trafalgar Square. And believe me- having about a thousand different people laughing at my humanity is NOT good for my reputation. And I don't like being humiliated. Even in front of my were-wolf baby brother. If I'm ever found out, I'm dead...

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