Night Club **COMPLETE**

Emaria Chandler is your average 19 year old. One night at a club she meets a boy that she falls in love with. But wont reveal her name!


14. The Promise I Made

I was at home on the sofa. It was 9pm. Harry walked through the door grinning like an idiot.
"You look happy!"
I cried!
"Yup! So where is my surprise I was promised???"
He said.
Here we go! The moment I dreaded. I was going to let Harrys Styles rape me...exept I was letting him so its more like sex. Not Rape!

I sat at the edge of the bed and then told him I was going to have a shower. I just dipped myself in water and came out with a towel around myself. It was just my way of making it more awkward and teasing him more!!!!
When I came out he looked at me. It looked more like he was looking at my breasts though.
"Not to be awkward or anything, but I want to sleep naked tonight."
I said,
"Don't worry! I do it every night! Sleep naked and all!"
He said.
"Well Im going to read in bed and then go straight to sleep. Do you want your promised fun tonight or tomorrow?"
It didn't matter! I was on the pill.
I got into bed, removing the towel and kissed him goodnight. I turned so I wasnt facing him and said,
"I cant be bothered to read. Im going to sleep."
And about two minuites later, I decieded to start it off.
"Harry. I cant sleep, can you draw circles on my back?"
I asked.
"Yeh Love, Okay!"
He said.
He did, and a moan escaped my lips.
"I really can't sleep Harry. What can we do to make me sleepy?"
I said
I turned on the light, then looked at Harry, whose eyes were on my body.
"Shall we have, 'fun'?"
He said
"If thats what you want. Your a celeb!"
I kissed him on his lips and he put his warm hands on my naked butt. I swung my legs over his lap as we sat up. And then remembered he was COMPLETELY naked! OMG WHAT AM I DOIN?!
          I promised him why don't I tease along the way? I pushed him down and rolled him onto my. He passionataly kissed my neck and worked his way down. He got closer and closer to my lower parts. He stopped and rubbed my fanny with one of his hands. He looked like he was enjoying it but my expression was exactly the opposite. He noticed and stopped. I pulled him onto the bed and got onto him.

I rested my butt crack resting on the side of his dick. And sucked at his abs. I put my tits into his mouth and he sucked on the like a baby with a bottle.
Time to tease! I went to his dick and rubbed it with my hands as he waited for me. When he couldn't stand it any longer, he grabbed me, put me on the bed, and I nodded to him. He took three fingers and inserted them inside of me. He spaced them out and twirled them around and everything to make it painful, but fun for him. I kicked him off and scrunched up in utter pain. Squeezing tightly to a pillow. I knew he felt sorry for me, but tears filled my eyes and I couldn't help it. I cried myself to sleep.


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