Night Club **COMPLETE**

Emaria Chandler is your average 19 year old. One night at a club she meets a boy that she falls in love with. But wont reveal her name!


30. Last Chapter

A/N There Will Be A Sequel,

Emaria's POV
"Harry, I didn't!"
Zayn squeaked at Harry, I wanted to believe Harry, but I couldn't. I needed him, and I also wanted him. His voice was seductive and warm. I loved the way he pouted after every kiss so I could kiss him again. I couldnt take this. They were arguing so i just SMACKED my lips onto Harry's and shut him up. He wrapped him arms around me and we moved in a slow swaying movement. I felt so horny! But I couldn't do that again, for now...

My name is Emaria, this is my life, and I love it this way!

A/N SO GUYS! Thats my best movella! Lolllll! Next in the sequel you can email me at my new email,, to have your say! Byyyyye!

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