Night Club **COMPLETE**

Emaria Chandler is your average 19 year old. One night at a club she meets a boy that she falls in love with. But wont reveal her name!


6. Harry's house

He lived in a posh house in an Estate owned by a French guy. The place was called, Demour Vou Plier. Because that was the guys name. We were in.
"Want to go to my room?"
He asked,
"I only came to give you a kiss, Harry!"
I teased
"I know you want to,"
He stepped closer. I kissed him.
"There! A kiss!"
I said!
"Yeah! A kiss on the cheek!"
I smiled!
"Thats all your getting tonight! I might not even see you ever again!"
I joked
"Is that a threat, or a promise."
He giggled.
Just then, my blackberry vibrated. I had a new tweet.
'@MadandHaz' Had sent me it.
"@Emaria is and fucking slut."

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