Night Club **COMPLETE**

Emaria Chandler is your average 19 year old. One night at a club she meets a boy that she falls in love with. But wont reveal her name!


31. Forgivness?

"Emaria I'm so sorry, I never should've hurt you that night, then I shouldn't of used my razor, and now I know I needed you, NOT Taylor!"
I said to her,
"But Harry, I have Zayn now! I can't forgive you, it hurts to much,"
She whispered,
"But Em, your the love of my life. I can't lose you like *that*"
I said,
She giggled and took it all in,
"Harry, I have Zayn now. I don't want him feeling like I did with you, when you went off for someone else."
She said, once again in a whisper and walked to the sofa to sunggle with Zayn. My heart felt like it had but cut open fresh with a knife.
"But Em, I had you first, I DESERVE YOU AND IM THE ONLY ONE!"
I Screamed and ran into the bathroom, now I knew how she felt about Taylor and Me, I pulled out a knife from the cabinet and it was like, really sharp! I took off my shirt and traced my fingers along my soon to be ruined six pack. Then sliced my body wide open. I put on my shirt back on.

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