Night Club **COMPLETE**

Emaria Chandler is your average 19 year old. One night at a club she meets a boy that she falls in love with. But wont reveal her name!


5. Being Teased

"But if you really want that kiss..."
I teased trying to put off kissing him!
"I really do!"
He cried!
"Then take me home!"
I really quietly whispered!
He tried to kiss me. I backed up abit!
"Nuh-Uh! Where do you live Styles?!"
I went to Amie and said I was on my way home now. Then I texted my parents and said that I was on my way to my other friend Abby's house, in which they don't know any address or numbers of theirs! Harry lead me into a car and a driver started!

Authors Note

Sorry for this mini chapter! Im in a rush but at least more chapters!!!

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