Night Club **COMPLETE**

Emaria Chandler is your average 19 year old. One night at a club she meets a boy that she falls in love with. But wont reveal her name!


12. 2 Texts and 1 Offer

Message from <3 Ryan <3
Do you want to meet up soon?
Sent at 12:04 am

Message from :D Brandon :D
How long since I've seen you!
You don't know how much I
miss having you in my bed.
Make sure you don't expect
to little from me sex bomb!!!

Reply To <3 Ryan <3
Yes ok anything to get away from...
the madness! Thanks for the offer!
See you at Starbucks at 7?

Reply To :D Brandon :D
Im not dating you! Im meeting
Ryan at Starbucks in 4 hours!
Meet you at McDonalds just

I walked into the livingroom, in the clothes I'd slept in, and sat on the sofa with Harry. He was watching TV, I joined in, but the moment I sat down, I could feel his eyes on my all the time! I leant my head on his shoulder, and hugged him gentley.
"I'm meeting a friend later."
I said,
"Who is it? Why are you leaving me alone?"
He frowned in a panick!
"My...friend. Ryan. We are kinda..."
I trailed off.
Before I met Harry, I had flirted with Ryan. He'd done the same to me. He sent me a message the night I was heading off to the club and I said...I'll think about it. I was gonna say I would like to go out with him (since thats what the message asked) and then...I met Harry.
"You are what? Dating? I thought you were different."
I felt guilty...
"NO! Im not dating him Im just his...Bestie! We have been through everything and we are just meeting up! Dont worry! I even have a treat for you tonight!"
I squealed.

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