Who is the perfect love?

Haley Williams found out that her dad got hired for the new manager of One Direction.Also she got told from her dad to take care of the members in the band for a while , until he comes back from his training. What will happen to Haley now?


3. The News

Louis P.O.V


I Woke up , remembering the new manager. "Harry , do you think our new manager will be kind?" I asked.   "I Dont know... ask our old manager that hired him."  he said. I hesitated , soo nervous.

Haleys P.O.V

Dad shouted , it was the most different shout I heard him. "Im one directions new manager!" 

My mind blew up... "WHAT! HUH?" I shouted. "Woah pumpkin , it's just a job" "A job? Seriously? For me it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity!!!" My dad left and said that he had got to go., but I said to him to STOP , and then I asked him if I could come, luckily he said YES!
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