Who is the perfect love?

Haley Williams found out that her dad got hired for the new manager of One Direction.Also she got told from her dad to take care of the members in the band for a while , until he comes back from his training. What will happen to Haley now?


2. Remembrance

"Urmmm...CORRECT!" . I didnt know what to feel , I missed her soo much! "JESS!" I shouted with all my joy! "Oh my!!!!! Your back? Since when?" "Ermmm yesterday night... But you were already asleep." . I got up on my feet straight through the door. "Aren't you forgetting something?" she said. "huh?" "Toothbrush!" . I ran to the bathroom and rapidly brushed my teeth , and headed straight to the dining room. "so honey did you like the surprise?" asked mum. "YES , YES!" 

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