Who is the perfect love?

Haley Williams found out that her dad got hired for the new manager of One Direction.Also she got told from her dad to take care of the members in the band for a while , until he comes back from his training. What will happen to Haley now?


7. Meeting someone....

Haley Williams. I loved her name to be changed into Haley Tomlinson . Her name sounds such an angel... I loved it... I invited her to our room , she might need rest but she said no , she said that she needed the toilet then we bumped. So I Just laughed and showed her way..

Haleys P.O.V
OMG I can't believe , LOUIS escorted me to the toilet ... AHHHHHHHHH! Ok sounds strange that its in the toilet not anywhere romance ... Oh no... Dad... I ran to the car but he was already there so I tried to sneak up to the back and open the boot behind the car and back to my seat.
"Honey?" Dad shouted
"Oh nothing i just thought you weren't here"
"We'll does this answer your question?"
"Mmmmmmm..... Oh yes, I'm going to my training today it starts at 3:00 so I need you to cover for me by telling 1D to say that Im on my training , meaning you have to hang out with them while I'm gone... Is it ok for you honey?"
My mind blew up , caretaker of 1direction? I am soo lucky! I agreed right after he finished talking... "Yes sure" But in my mind YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was my lucky day
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