Who is the perfect love?

Haley Williams found out that her dad got hired for the new manager of One Direction.Also she got told from her dad to take care of the members in the band for a while , until he comes back from his training. What will happen to Haley now?


6. Meeting Someone..

When I bumped into a girl. I looked up saying sorry... Damn she was beautiful... Her brown curls covering her shoulders ... Her natural look just awakened me.
"Sorry I'm so sorry are you ok? Do you want me to bring you to the medical room?"

Haley's P.O.V
Ouch I bumped in to someone... That was tanned , had brown hair was wearing blue and white stripes? God don't tell me ... I-it's .... LOUIS! I looked up and said sorry too , but he said it first asking me to go to the medical room , hevwas such a gentleman.

Louis P.O.V
"I'm ok thanks" the girl said. I asked her what's her name and she replied Haley , Haley
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