Who is the perfect love?

Haley Williams found out that her dad got hired for the new manager of One Direction.Also she got told from her dad to take care of the members in the band for a while , until he comes back from his training. What will happen to Haley now?


1. Returning...

Haley's P.O.V


"Haley wake up! , We have some great news for you!" said Mum. I moved my head , nodding. "YES! In a minute!" . I stretched my legs. "OI! Stop it sleepyhead!". Wait what was that? Who was that? No one in my family calls me sleepyhead! I looked at the person nearby my feet. My eyes were blurry as ever! But the only thing I saw was , she was a girl with brown hair like me. "Wake up Haley! Wake up!" the girl said. "Wait who are you?" I replied. "Damn you Haley! You cant remember me? Unbelievable!" she said. My eyes was beginning to get clearer and clearer every second and every blink. "Jessica? Sis?" my mind woke up going back to the past...

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