missing you

When 16 year old Maria meets 18 year old Niall Horan do they click?


2. Meeting The Lads

Niall's P.O.V.
What was I thinking? I just told Maria that I thought she was cute! Before she could say anything else I changed the subject.
"Do you want to meet the other lads?" I asked her.
"Sure! Just let me call my aunt and tell her I'm going to be home later than I thought," she told me. She came back about 4 minutes later, "She told me that it's ok but I have to be home before 12:00 or I have to find another place to sleep for the night," she told me. so i took her in my car and went to my flat she got out slowly and she waited for me to get to the door before she went in

Zayns P.O.V

when niall walked in he wasnt alone. he brought a girl he introduced her to us and said her name was maria. niall said he was going to give her a tour of the house so we went back to watching telly.

Nialls P.O.V

          I showed maria my room, the lads rooms and the rest of the rooms but the last room caught her eye the grand piano with music sheets.i said "do you play" she said yea only if theres music infront of me

Marias P.O.V

          the last room niall showed me i loved it had a grand piano and music sheets. i said niall this is beautiful. he said thank you do you know how to play i said yes if theres music infront of me. after that we went downstaires for a while but i quetly left and went to the piano room. i sat on the bench of the piano and started to play dinamite. i let the piano get the best of me and started singing with it.


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