missing you

When 16 year old Maria meets 18 year old Niall Horan do they click?


4. just getting some clothes?


maria asked to sleep over so i told her yes cuz i cant say no to that face so then maria asked "niall is it ok if you bring me to my house to pick up some clothes" i said "no problem" so i grabbed my keys and we went to her house her aunt said she was glad to meet me. we went upstairs to pack some clothes and she puled out a suit case 5 feet long 3 feet wide and 7 inches deep and she filled the whole thing with clothes. i said "what are you doing staying for a month?" she laughed and said "no im staying however long you want me to." then she winked i said "ok come on maria i wanna watch a scary movie" then she said "scary movies make me scared" i said "dont worry it wont be to scary."

Maria's P.O.V

on are way back to the house we came up with a game called 20 questions niall went first and said "this question is very important. do you like me?" i said "yes and now i have to ask you the same question.do you like me?" "yes" we pulled in the drivway and he said "here is my last question maria its very important. i know we just met but will you be my girlfriend?"

Nialls P.O.V

what the hell is my problem did i just seriously ask her to be my girlfriend before i could think anymore maria said "i would love to be your girlfriend." then she gave me a peck on my cheek we got out of the car and we walked up the pathway and are hands met an are fingers intwined this was the best day of my life



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