Hey readers! This is my first story and I really hope you like it! It's about a girl who is 17. She has just Lost everything. Harsh right? In the little town, she knows she can't run from it. It's everywhere. She needs to escape. But how? Will she find a way to get over him? With a new guy in her future. Is she ready?


10. The Fight

(Hannah's pov)

I walk in the front door and took a breath. It was so nice to be home. I dragged the luggage upstairs and threw it on the bed. I ran back downstairs and saw Liam bringing in LeeAnna. He was really good with kids. I smiled. She had his shirt in her hands. He laughed trying to untangle himself. She let out a little scream. She clearly liked his shirt.
"Guess I am not getting this one back." he laughed. I took LeeAnna from him. She reluctantly let go of his shirt. She nuzzled into me. I set her in her crib she rolled over and went right to sleep. The Liam came up and wrapped his arms around me. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. He turned me around and I opened my eyes. He smiled that gorgeous smile I lived for. He leaned in and kissed my nose.
"I really did miss you." he said.
"I missed you too." I whispered. He leaned back down. This time he kissed my lips. I loved his kisses. The way his lips were soft and strong at the same time. I could tell he missed me. He slowly pulled me into the hallway and leaned me against the wall. His hands moved down to my hips. The kiss got a little more passionate as he slipped his tongue. We obviously have made out but it always surprised me. He was always so good at it. I ran my fingers through his hair and he smiled.
"Someone missed me." he said.
"I already told you I did."
"How did I do it?"
"Do what?" I asked.
"Go a whole year without your kisses." he smiled. I laughed and we kissed again. He was about to slip his tongue in when Harry called his name. He groaned. He kissed me one more time. Then he walked into the other room. I poked my head out around the corner. What where they talking about?
".......Shhhh! Hannah can not find out about that!" Liam hissed.
"She will eventually!" Harry hissed back.
"Not yet! I am not ready to tell her!" Liam desperately ran his finger through his hair. I sank back to the hall. Tell me what? What was so bad? He was keeping something from me. I got mad. I stormed out from the hall. I folded my arms.
"Tell me what?" I asked
Liam spun around fast his eyes wide with shock. Harry excuses himself and walks out the door. I stood there.
"Liam. What. Is. It?"
"Hannah it is nothing. Don't worry about it ok?"
"I will worry about it." I snapped.
He walked towards me.
"Please don't worry about it."
"WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?" he yelled. I winced.
"What? I am not keeping anything from you."
"Then what was Harry talking about?" I fumed. His eyes dropped to the floor.
"What did you cheat on me or something? Meet someone new?" His eyes filled with rage. I knew I went too far.
"What?!? MEET SOMEONE NEW!? No! I WOULD NEVER AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT! You know what......IF IT REALLY BOTHERS YOU. I will tell you. The secret was......THAT I LOVE YOU! Okay!?"
I gasped. Me and Liam may have been dating for 3 years but we haven't said those words yet. He said he wanted to wait for the right girl and the right time. I gasped. I ran to my room and closed the door. Tears ran down my face. I could hear him at the door.
"hannah...I...." he sighed and walked away. All I remember is closing my eyes.
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