Hey readers! This is my first story and I really hope you like it! It's about a girl who is 17. She has just Lost everything. Harsh right? In the little town, she knows she can't run from it. It's everywhere. She needs to escape. But how? Will she find a way to get over him? With a new guy in her future. Is she ready?


3. Moments

I watched as the last little girl skipped away in her tights. Chatting about her day. I locked up the place and headed to my car. I turned around when a small hand nudged me. I looked down at a little girl who was in the class.
" Hello. Where is your ride?"
" I don't know." she whispered.
" Do you need to call someone?"
" I don't think I have one at all. I live down there." she pointed to a suburb.
I sighed. Okay I can't just leave her.
" I will take you home sweetie." I ushered her into the car. As I pulled up in front of her house. I saw an old man on the porch. He waved and smiled. The little girl said thanks. I drove home in the quite. When I pulled up I saw another black package on the porch. Great. I hauled it inside and set it on the table. Two mysterious black packages? Hmmm.... I opened the first one. There was a note on top. I opened it up and gasped. It read:
Dear Molly,
I am happy to announce that I finally got my niece and we are headed home next monday! Miss u!
Love Hannah
I shrieked in excitement. Finally! But wait what was the other for? I opened it. Inside was a beautiful picture of a waterfall. Im confused. Oh well. My phone buzzed and I answered it.
"Hello Liam."
"Hello Molly. How are you today?"
"Great now!"
(Liam is Hannah's 2 year boyfriend.)
"Have you heard from Hannah today?" he asks. He was always so worried about her.
It was really quite cute.
" Yes actually. She is coming home!"
I hear the phone drop and him gasp. Next thing I heard made me laugh. In the back ground I could hear him screaming.
"WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!" I could hear jumping around. From somewhere high to the ground with a thud. The whole time screaming Yea! And WOOHOO!! He collected himself an picked up the phone.
"Good to hear." We said goodbye and hung up. Hannah was so lucky to have him. My phone buzzed again. This time it was Hannah.
"Hello Hannah!"
"Molly! So glad to hear from you! I was worried you wouldn't pick up. How are you feeling?"
"Great now that your coming home!! I told Liam."
"How did he respond?"
"Well he pretty much screamed yippie from the highest roof of the tallest tower so."bHannah giggles at that.
"Molly I have something major to ask of you."
" I need you to get my house fixed up for LeeAnna. I don't have anything prepared!"
" Why do you only call me when it's something you need done for you!?"
" you??"
" Yeah sure. I will do it." I rolled my eyes and laughed. She thanked me. We said our goodbyes. I hopped in my car and headed for her house. When I got there I was relieved. LeeAnna's room was done just not clean. I cleaned her room. Cleaned Hannah's room. Cleaned the rest of the house too. I noticed a note on the night stand.
Shopping List:
-Baby Clothes
-High Chair
Maybe I should get this stuff before they get home. I hop in my car and head to Baby's R US. I grab all the items and head to the store. I grab 3 gallons just in case. I hop in the car and head back to her house. After everything is set up it looks beautiful. I am so happy with it. I send Hannah a text letting her know. I decide to head out. Maybe go do something for me. So I head to Nandos. Best food ever. As I am driving I start day dreaming. Thinking about seeing the little baby! What a cutie she was. Next thing I know, I am at Nandos. I walk in and grab a table. I love the smell. The look of it is pretty cool too. It looks like home. Feels like it too. The kindness of people here is great. The waiter walks over and asks for an order. I order then sit there. I hated eating alone. I am just thinking about how Hannah will feel about the room. I guess that's why I didn't realize someone was talking to me.
"Hey there." someone said in an adorable Irish accent. It startled me and I spilt my drink all over my lap.
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