Hey readers! This is my first story and I really hope you like it! It's about a girl who is 17. She has just Lost everything. Harsh right? In the little town, she knows she can't run from it. It's everywhere. She needs to escape. But how? Will she find a way to get over him? With a new guy in her future. Is she ready?


5. Lean On Me

"Wake up!" I heard someone calling my name. They had a cute Irish accent. I opened my eyes. I saw Niall. Next to him was Liam. We were in some apartment. I had been lying on the couch.
"Oh thank god! Molly are you ok?" Liam nearly screamed. I winced.
"Yeah I am fine-"
"Great! Do you realize how many phone calls I am getting from Hannah? She was do worried about you!"
"Tell her I am fine."
"Oh I will." he walked away and pressed his phone to his ear. I looked up at Niall. He looked at me with sadness in his eyes. He silently took of his jacket and strapped it over my shoulders. It was warm from him. He started to say something but stopped himself and a look of pain spread across his face. I got up and walked towards him.
"Say it." i said. He looked at me confused.
"Say that I am crazy. And that I have problems. And that you don't wanna spend time with me because of my last boyfriend and how that turned out-" He stopped what I was saying when he walked and wrapped me in his arms. I gasped a little. It shocked me.
"Don't you ever say that again." he whispered into my hair.
"Your not crazy. Your a girl who's world came crashing down around you. It is not your fault. And it only makes me want to spend more time with you. I want to figure you out. I want you to trust me. You can lean on me when you need me." he pulled away and looked me in the eyes. His blue eyes were filled with hope. I could tell he was being truthful. I nodded and he smiled. Liam walked back in.
"Okay! Hannah is okay now. She told me to keep an eye on you."
I rolle my eyes. Great.
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