Hey readers! This is my first story and I really hope you like it! It's about a girl who is 17. She has just Lost everything. Harsh right? In the little town, she knows she can't run from it. It's everywhere. She needs to escape. But how? Will she find a way to get over him? With a new guy in her future. Is she ready?


8. Home

Over th intercom, "We will be arriving in about 10 minutes." the pilot states over the intercom. I smile to myself. I was nervous to see Liam. What if he changed? What if I did? I looked in my compact mirror with the zebra stripes on it. I think I looked the same. I suddenly regretted wearing the tight blue top with my jeans. What if my fat showed. I winced waiting to be smacked. I realized that Molly wasn't here. Old habits really do die hard. I silently giggled. I looked over at LeeAnna who was sleeping. Her face was one of an angel. The plain started to descend and butterflies really kicked in. Why was I so nervous to see my own boyfriend? Ugh. The plane landed with a thud. People slowly started getting off. I let everyone go first. Hoping my red cheeks would subside. I got up and grabbed LeeAnna and my carry on. She didn't stir. She was a heavy sleeper. I walked off the airplane and down the hall. Taking my sweet time. Liam had texted saying he was picking me up and that he could not wait to see me. I slowly exited the tunnel and looked around. I didn't see him. I walked to baggage claim where I saw my luggage and grabbed it off the conveyer belt. I started walking down the hall to the front part of the airport with LeeAnna in one arm and the luggage and my purse in the other, when I thought I heard someone yell my name. I turned to look. I didn't see anything. I kept walking. Then I heard it again. Well this was getting kind of weird. Maybe I was hallucinating. The thought that Liam might stand me up crossed my mind. But I shook my head and pushed the thought away. There was no way he would leave me here. We have been together for 2 years. Wait what was today? The 2nd? Today was our 3 year anniversary!! I totally forgot. I smacked my head and cursed under my breath. Once again I heard my name being called. This time I knew I heard it. I looked around. I couldn't see him but I could hear him. I waited and tried searching for him. Then I saw a thick head of curly light brown hair in the distance. I tried peeking over people's heads to see better bit it didn't help. Then I lost sight of him. Ugh. I turned around and aroun searching. That's when a brown pair of eyes caught mine. I looked up and sure enough there he was. Looking as handsome and sexy as ever. He smiled so big and tears filled his eyes. He came to me and made me drop my luggage and purse. I was so captivated by him that I couldn't look away. I sat there staring at the man I love. He leaned down and kissed LeeAnna on the cheek. He took her from me and handed her to Harry. Wait. When did he get here? I guess i didn't see him when all I saw was Liam. He turned back to me. He walked towards me and smiled. I smiled back. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into him. Right where I for perfectly. He twined his fingers in with mine. And leaned down. First he kissed me on the forehead and then my nose. And then slowly he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. Sparks and fireworks lit the air around us. The harmony of our lips moving together made me shiver and he wrapped me tighter. This kiss was what I have been missing for a year. The way his kiss was soft and gentle yet strong and passionate all at the same time. I giggled when he smiles half way through it. He didn't hesitate to get back to the kiss. When he finally pulled away it left me breathless and warm. I loves the way that boy kissed me. Like I was the only girl ever out there for him. He quickly pecked me on the forehead.
"Hello." he sighed.
"Missed me?" I asked.
"Everynight and every morning." he sighed. He looked over at LeeAnna.
"She's beautiful." he said.
"Just like her aunt." I beamed.
"No, no, no, no. Her aunt is way more beautiful. Says me." he kissed me again. This time i continued holding his hand. I took LeeAnna back and put her in my other arm. Liam grabbed by suitcase. With Harry trailing behind us, we left the airport and headed to the one place I wanted to go. Home
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