Hey readers! This is my first story and I really hope you like it! It's about a girl who is 17. She has just Lost everything. Harsh right? In the little town, she knows she can't run from it. It's everywhere. She needs to escape. But how? Will she find a way to get over him? With a new guy in her future. Is she ready?


14. A Very Drunk Niall

"Give me all the details now!" Hannah demanded into the phone.
"What are you talking about? It's like midnight!"
"Niall told Liam that you guys kissed!"
"Only like twice!" I pleaded
"And you didn't tell me!?!?" She hissed.
"You wait till 2moro." She said then hung up. I rolled over and looked through the window. The shades were swaying lightly in the breeze coming through my open window. The moon was full. I hopped out of my bed and walked through the doors onto the terrace. The pool was shining below from the lights. I grabbed my phone and texted Niall. He didn't reply so I assumed he was asleep. I walked back into the house. There was a slight tap on my door. I fixed my hair and pulled the blanket tighter around me as I opened the door to a very drunk Niall.
"Heyyyy." He slurred.
"Niall? What are you doing here? It is like midnight."
"We'll I happened to be down the street drinking when you texted me." He waggled his eye brows and it made me laugh.
"Mind if I come in?" He asked.
"Nope." I smiled. He walked in and nearly tripped over his own feet. He stabilized himself and sat on the couch. He hit his head on the wall. He groaned an rubbed his head.
"Yes Niall?"
"What happened to him?" Niall asked pointing to the picture of me and Ryan holding hands by the lake. My chest tightened. His gaze was locked on my face.
"Uh. Well. He- uh...." I stammered. I tried putting the words in my mouth but I couldn't.
"Don't." He suddenly said, pulling me out of my trance.
"What?" I asked
"If it bothers you that much then don't talk about it. Just sit with me."
He reached for my hand and grabbed it. He lowered me to the spot next to his. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he sighed.
"Where is your bathroom?" He quickly asked.
"Down the hall on the right." I said. He shot up like a rocket and threw himself in the bathroom. I could hear him get sick. I got a damp wash cloth and put more cold water on it. I walked into the bathroom and placed it on the back of his neck. His cheeks were red. He had already flushed what he had just gotten sick off of and was leaning against the wall. I placed the cold cloth on his cheek and kissed his temple.
"Feeling any better?" I asked quietly.
"Bloody hell. I always ruin a good moment." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
"Do you have any medicine for a headache?" He asked. I quickly got up and opened the medicine cabinet above the sink. I grabbed some of the good stuff. Hoping he would fall asleep. He quickly downed it with a glass of water and his eyes began to droop. I lead him into the guest bedroom and let him lay on the bed. I walked away hoping he was Asleep.
"Thanks love." He whispered. He was quickly gone.
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