The end

This is the same ending but kind of from different points of view...
It's hard to explain but anyway, i hope you enjoy. :)


1. Jacob

" Jacob, where have Mummy and Daddy gone?"

That still stung every time she said it. I loved Renesmee more than i thought possible, even for an animal with a heart as big as mine, but hearing her call that THING daddy. I still couldn't believe Bella had WILLINGLY married and slept with him, but atleast Renesmee was the result of all the pain that had caused me over the past few weeks.

" I don't know Renesmee," I said wearily. It was true they had been gone for days to fight the voltury and still they hadn't come back. I was trying not to fear the worst.

" But...Jacob, when will they be back?" She whined

" I don't KNOW Renesmee. I'm not Aunty Alice ok? I can't read minds! I have no idea where they are or when they'll be back!" I snapped with more force than I'd intended

 Renesmee's bottom lip started trembling and she looked awfully close to breaking down all together and i couldn't take that. I knew if she cried i would cry. I would cry for my Dear (no longer human) Bella, I would cry for the cullen family (apart from HIM) because they had been so kind to me when i had nowhere to go, I would cry for Renesmee. Every time she cried I experienced a gut renching pain like no other. It was physically agonizing if i sensed that Renesmee was upset. How could that be? I was built to hunt vampires and she was half monster, yet i loved her as whatever she wanted me to be. A brother, a friend, an uncle, maybe even one day a boyfriend but for now we just needed to focus on the present.

" I'm sorry Renemee, I didn't mean to snap. I'm just worried that's all,"

"Don't worry uncle Jacob, mummy and daddy will be back, Daddy promised. He said that him and mummy may be gone awhile but they promised to come back to me and i made daddy swear with all his heart and he did,"

As Renesmee talked, she spoke with such trust, honesty and innocence. She was beautiful, just like her mother. Even her eyes were beautiful, though they were Edwards.


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