Brothers and New Beginings

The paynes love soccer and are a family of five, charlie 4, Tyler 17, Julia 16 and the twins Alyssa and Austin both 10. They have another brother liam but he was sent by are mom to x factor liam has never called or seen them. The twins were closest to liam also and now the five kids are abused but one day when the twins go on a walk they see five people playing soccer there extremly good to the twins hide in a bush and watch them play the twins make it a routin to see them play every day what hapens when they get noticed? Will one of the boys be reconized?


3. Soccer outside

Liams P. O.V
Hey boys im board want to play futball??
" sure " the boys said in unsion. Alrighty then.
" teams: me and niall and harry louis and
Zayn on the other team okay lads?" okay they
Said again. " lets go then!!! " right okay said

Twins P.O.V
Austin: me alyssa and charlie were walking
When tyler said guys um maybe you should
Take a walk for a couple hours. So we did
We were walking when we say some kids
Playing futball we decided to watch but they
Couldnt notice so we went ti hide in a bush.
They were awesome too i really liked there
Style. We didn't know there names so we
Used nick names there was a curly headed
Guy we called him curly, the next guy
Seemed to like carrots, we called him
Carrot, the next guy talked about food
So we called him munchy, the next guy
Acted like a dad so we called him daddy, he
Looked suprisingly familiar but i'm not sure
Who he was. The next guy worried about
His hair so we called him worry wart. Before
You knew it it was getting laye so we snuck home
Home. We decided to go after school tomorrow
And show julia and tyler.
Alyssa: on the way home i held charlies hand
But charlie gets tired fast so i carried him
The rest of the way. When we got home we
Saw julia and tyler tyler had a knee that
Looked like he blew it out. Julia had like
Broken fingers and a broken arm
When tyler saw me he wobbled over
Took charlie and put him upstairs with him
Then julia told me what happened
Jhon got a call from school saying we did
Something and we saw dad outside and he
Was furious so we told you to take a walk.
Just watch out ok we didnt want charlie to
Get hurt because hes so fragile. Ok was all
I managed out. I went upstairs. I heard a lot of
Of banging and the austin came up with
A giant
Burn down his leg and a couple of cuts from a
Knife on his face. I ran over to him and then
Helped him to our bed the dogs were bleed
Ing to i went to pet them. And then we said
Good night and went to bed
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