Brothers and New Beginings

The paynes love soccer and are a family of five, charlie 4, Tyler 17, Julia 16 and the twins Alyssa and Austin both 10. They have another brother liam but he was sent by are mom to x factor liam has never called or seen them. The twins were closest to liam also and now the five kids are abused but one day when the twins go on a walk they see five people playing soccer there extremly good to the twins hide in a bush and watch them play the twins make it a routin to see them play every day what hapens when they get noticed? Will one of the boys be reconized?


2. School

The twins P.O.V

austin: Get your lazy suckish asses out
Of bed!! * clunk * clunk * clunk *
Jhon hollered. uh oh he's coming upstairs.
I flinched and kicked charlie in the head.
He got up imeaditly " sorry charlie jhon's
Coming upstairs help me wake everyone up"
Ok was his reply as he started shaking tyler.
I i shook lyss and the julia but by the time there
Eyes were all open jhon was here oh god.
"AUSTIN!!" yelled jhon. " yes sir" i said back
" come here..... NOW!!! " uh oh a beating
" coming s-sir " " NO STUTTERING!! "
" yes sir " i approached him slowly. His fists were
Clentched i squeezed my eyes tighly and he threw
Me at the wall i started bleeding right away
It actually wasnt as bad as others. After that he
Walked away Then tyler came over with a wet wash cloth
And put it on the back of my head it was staining my
Hair. I got up and sat on the bed we all shared
And i got dressed ( some help from tyler ). We left as soon
As i was done.
Alyssa: watching austin was hurtful but he was okay he
Had a giant gash on the back of his head. Ouch
We started walking to school when austin finished
Getting dressed. When we fot to school austin
Put his hoody on so no one could see his gash
We walked in and the kids that bully us
Came right over to us. Brian shoved austin
And austin hit his head he then punched me
In the face i kicked him in the " spot " and ran
To austin i had a bloody nose so i checked
The back of his head and sure enough it was
bleeding like there was no tomorrow. i put
My habd over his cut to stop the bleeding
And he winced in pain i helped him up and
Helped him to the nurse. He had not stopped
Bleeding but in slowed down. The nurse put a
Cloth over it and instructed me to go back to
Class so i did about 25 minutes after the incident
Austin came back. The teacher uelled and said
Where were you i went up to austin he flipped
His hood back i turned him around she just
Gasped and said ok go sit down.

Tylers P.O.V
Poor austin i said to charlie as we walked to
School i took charlie to his kindergarten
Class and i walked to my class after i gave
Charlie a hug and kiss good bye. When i
Arrived at my class i sat down in my set and
Class started as it did i heard voices behind
Me saying " your brothers ugly! " " your brother
Should die! " thats only a couple but the last one
One set me off i turned around punched the
Kid 2 times. I stopped to hear my teacher day
" tyler princabals office now!!! " ugh great
I trudged down to the office with my fists still
Clenched tigh. Once i arrived i had to explain
What happened so i did but of course i got
No help or sympathy what so ever. Great just

Julias P.O.V
I wondered to myself what would happe
Today. My guess was pearl. Pearl is a bully
In my school she absoulutly hates me! And
When i git to school i was right pearl was
Wating fir me. What did i ever do to her god
I hate her so much!! I walked in and she slapped me
Me i kept walking but then she said " look
Everyone julia has no heart! " i just rolled my
Eyes and wAlked off to class

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