Brothers and New Beginings

The paynes love soccer and are a family of five, charlie 4, Tyler 17, Julia 16 and the twins Alyssa and Austin both 10. They have another brother liam but he was sent by are mom to x factor liam has never called or seen them. The twins were closest to liam also and now the five kids are abused but one day when the twins go on a walk they see five people playing soccer there extremly good to the twins hide in a bush and watch them play the twins make it a routin to see them play every day what hapens when they get noticed? Will one of the boys be reconized?


4. Recognizing you

Charleys P.O.V
Last night was weird but then i saw
Everyone and i think i knew what had happened
Because last night i heard lots of banging and
Tyler looked hurt. I woke up the next morning
And then jhon saw me awake and took me downstairs
I got freaked out. Jhon came over and hit my arm really
Hard i heard a snap i started crying so he punched
Me my nose started to bleed then tyler came downstairs
Wobbling with austin too when tyler saw me he ran over and
Picked me up and austin stayed at the stairs while tyler
Brought me up the stairs. I dont know what happened next
Though. But i ran not exactly running though and julia
Picked me up she got me ice and a wet cloth. I explained
My best what had happened then tyler came over and helped
Me dress for school.

The Twins P.O.V
Austin: i heard banging coming from downstairs and charley
was gone i got tyler and went downstairs tyler hobbled over
To charley and carried him up the stairs i knew jhon was
Mad he decided to take it out on me. He snapped my arm
And cut me all over. I then went upstairs. I got dressed for
Alyssa: i hope austin and charley are okay i thought silently
I quietly got up to dress for school. Then austin walked
Up he had more cuts and his arm looked like charleys
And julia had said he broke his arm. Uh oh that means
Austin probly brokE his arm. We eventually all were ready
For school we began walking.


"c'mon boys lets play some futball!"
I hollered. " righty then, teams?"
Louis shouted. " same as yesterday!"
I said to all of the boys
" alright!!" the boys all shouted.
I grabbed the ball and we all
Went outside.

Twins POV
Austin: "tyler and julia cmon
Me and alyssa and charley
Have something to show you!!"
" okay? " responed tyler a bit
Unsure. " c'mon follow us!! "
I yelled enthusiasticly.
We led them to the house
That we went to 3 days ago.
Luckily they were playing
Futball. We showed them
To the bush. And we all
Sat down and watched
Alyssa: we were watching
The five people Play when
After about ten minutes
Julia whisper yelled
" guys thats liam!!!"
We sat there and about
Two minutes later we
All agreed. We sat
There for another
Half hour when
The ball got kicked
To where we were
Sitting behind the bush. We didnt know what
To do we could here one getting closer i
Think it was munchy. When he was about
Four feet away from us charley stood up with
The ball in his hand that was nt broke he
Gave the ball to munchy then he waved
A cut little wave munchy waved back
Thats when tyler stood up i think
Munchy got scared because he took a couple
Steps back but the he noticed
Tyler limping and said are two okay?
Tyler looked a bit unsure on what to
Say. Then munchy introduced
Himself he said his name was
Niall. Then charley suprised i
Think just about everyone by
Saying " liam! Liam! " and
Pointing to liam. Liam was
Confused then he said
" tyler? Charley? " charley
Shook his head violently saying
Yea yea. Then liam said "where
Is everyone else and um if you
Dont mind why do you guys look
So beat up!?!?!?!?" tyler answered
Back by sayin " there here with us and
Second cant tell you " and tyler gestured
Twords charley. We all then stood up.

Liams pov
I was so happy! I ran over to charley
And gave him a hug i touched his arm and
He winced And yelped in pain. " charley
Buddy whats wrong? " charley replied simply
" jhon and sharon " " who are they? " i asked
Getting a bit angry but not with charlie. " um
They're are foster parents " austin said. Then
I saw how beat up he looked and alyssa i ran
Up and hugged them both and said i missed
All of you so much. The boys came over.
" guys these are my friends louis , niall, harry,
Zayn " " boys this is my family! " i introduced
Them. " guys lets go inside " " we cant we
Have to get back home." " why?" because
We cant leave our house" well that doesnt
Make sense poor kids. " i know you guys
Can sneek out right? They wont know!"
" you can live here! Boys?" the boys
Agreed with me. " um i guess but
We need a plan" said austin
"right okay here it is " i said
We started to discuss the
Plan for tonight

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