Die In Your Arms

"If there's one place I could die in, I'd die in your arms"

5 boys, who changed Ariana's life upside down. 5 boys who fancied Ariana. 5 boys who saved Ariana from the most dangerous man in their lives. The man who tried to take their lives. What will happen when Ariana faces the biggest fear of her whole life? Will it lead to suicide? Who will save her? But the main question here - who will Ariana pick?

(Caution - lots of drama. PG13)


9. How Did That Happen?

Ariana's POV

"I have to go to the loo, love," said Louis.

"Alright," I said.

After Louis walked out, Mark walked in. He had an evil little smirk on his face.

"M-M-Mark?" I stuttered. "What are you doing here?"

"I want you back," he said with a creepy tone of voice. "If that boy toy of yours gets in my way, that could very well be the last you see of him."

I opened my mouth, ready to scream.

"Screaming won't help you now, babe," Mark said, winking at me.

"You can't do shit!" I yelled.

"You've done it now," he said. "You've called attention to us. Just wait until they find out you're not here."

"W-W-What do you mean?" I stuttered.

He took three steps over to the window in my room. He unlatched it and it opened.

"Leave with me," he said as he walked to the window.

"NO!" I shouted.

"You want your boy toy to get hurt?" He asked.

"You could go to hell," I answered. "He is now a boy toy. He is better to me than you ever were!"

Mark grabbed me and started climbing stealthily out the window. He pulled me with him. The last thing I saw before I fainted was Louis running into the room looking extremely worried.



I am so sorry for not updating! Here is an update. I promise to update this weekend!

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