Die In Your Arms

"If there's one place I could die in, I'd die in your arms"

5 boys, who changed Ariana's life upside down. 5 boys who fancied Ariana. 5 boys who saved Ariana from the most dangerous man in their lives. The man who tried to take their lives. What will happen when Ariana faces the biggest fear of her whole life? Will it lead to suicide? Who will save her? But the main question here - who will Ariana pick?

(Caution - lots of drama. PG13)


8. Co-Author's Note

Hey people! I decided that I should make a chapter introducing myself so I'm sorry if you thought this was an update. I'm Sabrina and I'm 13. I'm from Ontario, Canada and I love writing. Check out some of my movellas if you can. If you do, check out One Direction Minus One. And my new nickname for my fans and readers for my movellas is Cheekies (don't ask why).

If you'd like an update, comment below and we could make it happen.

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