Die In Your Arms

"If there's one place I could die in, I'd die in your arms"

5 boys, who changed Ariana's life upside down. 5 boys who fancied Ariana. 5 boys who saved Ariana from the most dangerous man in their lives. The man who tried to take their lives. What will happen when Ariana faces the biggest fear of her whole life? Will it lead to suicide? Who will save her? But the main question here - who will Ariana pick?

(Caution - lots of drama. PG13)


6. Chap 5 - Hospital

*Still Ariana's POV*

What was that all about? That was rather..stupid and...scary. How did he know what I'm doing? How did her know about the dare? I looked around to see if anybody else besides Cat and Louis...no one? How? It is all getting fader and blurry. The next thing I see, pitch black..nothing.


Who was on the other line? Shit. Ariana's falling. Thank god Louis catch her. But her eyes are closed. Great, she passed out.

'Bring her to the freaking HOSPITAL!' I shouted.

We both carried her. Thank god Louis can drive. When we reached the hospital, we immediately brought her to one of the rooms. One of the doctors came in and asked us to wait outside.

'I hope she's okay.' Louis started.

Louis, do..do you like Ariana?' I asked.

He looked at me, 'What? She's just a friend to me. Nothing more.'

I smirked, 'I didn't ask about your relationship with her. Come on. You can tell me.'

He sighed, 'I do have a little crush on her..maybe alot.'

'Oh, okay.' I replied.

'Why do you ask?' He asked back.

'I know she do too.' I answered.

His eyes opened wide, 'Really? I don't think so.'

'I am telling what I observe.' I said back

. 'I don't believe you.'

'Whatever.' Is all I could say.

Then the doctor came out. Louis was the first one to get up. I followed his pace.

'How is she, doc?' Louis asked.

The doctor smiled at Louis, 'She is fine. But she is under a lot of stress. She is awake now. You may see her.

We both thanked the doc and went into the room. I can see Ariana's weak smile.

'Hey Cat. Hey Louis.'

'Hey Ariana.' We both said.

Me and Louis stood by her side.

'You getting better, girl?' I asked.

She nodded, 'Getting better now. Thanks.'

'What did the doctor said?' Louis asked.

'He asked me to rest, drink water regularly.' She replied.

Then I said back, 'He's not wrong.' We all smiled.

Then the doctor came in. 'The patient have to stay here for a couple days.' He said.

We all nodded.

Ariana broke the silence, 'Did you guys brought my phone along?' 'Yes, I did. Why?'

I asked. 'Well, about the call, it was Mark.' She said, calmly. 'Oh. Let me give him a word.' Louis said.

'If you'd like.' Ariana said.

Louis grabbed the phone and went outside.


I went outside. I opened the calls log. The first one appeared was from an unknown number. I guess that's the one. I dialled. He picked up on the first ring.

Louis: Hello? Is this Mark?

Unknown : Hello Louis.

Louis : How do you know this is me?

Unknown : Like I said, I stalk.

Louis : So you are Mark.

Mark : Why don't your ask your little friend in the little hospital room?

Louis : Why are you stalking us?

Mark : Like I said again, I want her.

Louis : Who the fuck is that, Mark?

Mark : Don't act stupid, I want Ariana.

Louis : Never, Mark. Hear this, you will never get Ariana, understood? Over my dead body. I'll protect her. If you ever stalk us again, I'll call the police. Oh and by the way, I got this conversation recorded.

Mark : Aww. Is the little boy scared?

Mark laughed and ended the call. Fuck this bitch! Then the phone rang again. It was Mark, again.

Louis : What do you want bitch?

Mark : By the way, her room number is 197 right?

Louis : N-.

But before I said no, he ended the call. How did he know Ariana's room number is 197? This crazy bitch is real shit. Then the phone rang again. I did not look at the number. I just picked it up.


Woman : Is this Ariana?

Louis : No, I am Louis.

Woman : Hey Louis. Umm what was that about? Anyway I am her mom. Can I talk to her?

Louis : Oh I am SO SO SO sorry about that, Ms. Taylor! A guy keeps calling Ariana so I was mad and this time I did not check the caller ID and I just picked it up. Anyway, sure.

I entered the room and passed it to Ariana. I mouthed, 'Your mum.' She grabbed the phone.


Ariana : Hello?

Mum : Where are you, dear? You did not reply to my texts.

Ariana : I am so sorry mum. I am at the hospital now.

Mum : What? Why?

Ariana : I'll explain later. Can you come?

Mum : Sure, honey. Room number?

Ariana : 197.

Mum : Be there in 5. Bye honey.

Ariana : Bye.

Then she ended the call. I'm glad she called. She'll be here any minute.

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