Die In Your Arms

"If there's one place I could die in, I'd die in your arms"

5 boys, who changed Ariana's life upside down. 5 boys who fancied Ariana. 5 boys who saved Ariana from the most dangerous man in their lives. The man who tried to take their lives. What will happen when Ariana faces the biggest fear of her whole life? Will it lead to suicide? Who will save her? But the main question here - who will Ariana pick?

(Caution - lots of drama. PG13)


5. Chap 4 - Note

....The note read, 'Well hello Ariana. You do know the rumors that are spreading, that I am finding a new target right? I am finding a perfect one and I found one, you. Don't show this to anyone or they will face the consequences, clear? Please always remember that I am here, stalking you day and night. I even know your house. Hate, Mark.' And there's his signature at the bottom at the note.

It said don't show this to anyone, well I showed this to Cat and Louis, poor them.

'I-I am so sorry guys, I can't show you the note but I did, now you have the same problems as mine.' I said, sobbing. 'It is okay, Ariana. Even if you did not show the note, we will know eventually.' Cat said, smiling weakly to me.

'W-wait. So everyone knows about this rumor, right?' Louis asked. Me and Cat nodded. Then he continued, 'What if someone faked this note?' I shook my head. 'No, it has a signature on it.' Then he smirked. 'Well, As an example, I can easily fake this fucking signature duhhh.' Then I asked him back, 'Well, how does this 'someone' knows me, my locker, my house?' Almost shouting. 'What if this 'someone' from this school, knows your locker, knows you and your house? They can easily fake this shit right?' He replied. I was left speech less. This time, Cat said, 'Nevermind, we'll figure this out later. Let's go home.'

Then we walked home. During the walk, we played this game called 'The Shouting Game' which we created it. We had to shout at the car every time it passes by. The player that shouts at the most number of cars, win. Well, Louis won. And the prize was he can pick any one of us, which was me and Cat to be his slave for an hour. We gave him time to pick his slave.

Well, at lease it cleared up my mind from the note. Right? We decided to go to Lou's. As we entered his house, he said, 'My family isn't here. Make yourself at home.' And we played truth or dare. The bottle landed towards me. I groaned. 'Truth or dare, Ari?' Cat asked. 'Dare!' I shouted instantly. Louis gave me an evil smirk and said, 'The best dare ever.'

Woah, now I'm nervous and curious.

He continued, 'I dare you to strip.'


'LOUIS! THAT IS AN INAPPROPRIATE DARE!' Cat screamed. 'It isn't to me.' He replied, smirking. And then he continued, 'And of course I picked Ariana to be my slave. Now strip.'

Cat gave him a slap, not too hard, just right. And the Louis laughed. Well, a dare is a dare, I thought to myself. 'Urgh, fine. But lend me one of your robes.' I said, giving up.

I went to the bathroom, stripped just in my bra and undies though and wore robe. Then I walked back to them. 'Ooooohhhh.' Dragging the O.

Louis walked towards me, his face just an inch from mine and he said. 'Untie the robe.' I blushed, Cat laughed so hard that her face is very red. I slowly untie the robe. But then I was saved by a phone call. 'FUCK!' Louis shouted.

Thank god. It's an unknown number. 'Who is it?' Cat asked. I answered, 'Unknown number.' I pressed accept but how I wish I had not! 'Hello?' I said, softly. Then I heard a voice saying from the other line, 'Meet me at your nearest park tomorrow at five, Ariana. And nice robe, why did you accept the strip dare for Louis anyway? Farewell.' And just before he ended the call, he laughed, evil laugh.

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