Die In Your Arms

"If there's one place I could die in, I'd die in your arms"

5 boys, who changed Ariana's life upside down. 5 boys who fancied Ariana. 5 boys who saved Ariana from the most dangerous man in their lives. The man who tried to take their lives. What will happen when Ariana faces the biggest fear of her whole life? Will it lead to suicide? Who will save her? But the main question here - who will Ariana pick?

(Caution - lots of drama. PG13)


2. Chap 1 - Louis Tomlinson

I helped this Louis guy moved in. Well, he is defo very very kind, carefree and funny. We hang out a lot.

The next day - BEEEP. Urgh, how annoying that alarm can be. I grabbed my towel, stripped, and then took a quick shower. I dried my wavy long hair, which is very pretty by the way! I picked a pink tank top and denim shorts. I wore my new necklace which my dad brought me for my birthday. I put on minimal makeup.

I walk down to see baked toast and eggs. Yum!

'Hey darling!' My dad shouted. I smiled 'Hey dad.' He pointed towards the plate. 'Breakfast is ready! Oh and Mom went out visiting her friend, Anna.'

Anna, my mom's friend, is very nice. I liked her a lot. She's fun, caring, carefree. I ate my breakfast then walked to school which is just a 10 minutes walk.

As I entered the school, I walked towards my locker and opened it. A note fell out. I reached and it said 'Hey Ariana! I'm at your school! Teehee, now I can see you everyday in school and walk together to home! PS - Your friend told me your locker number. Her name is Cathy or something. - Louis.'

Well, I guess Cat told him my locker number. So Louis registered here? Yay, fun!

I can hear a high-pitched voice calling me. 'Hey Arianaaaaa!' I turned around to see Cat smiling at me. 'Hey Cat!' 'Umm, what's that note?' She asked me. Then I realised I was holding a note. 'Umm, my neighbour Louis jus-' I was going to continue my words but she cut it off. 'Save it later, we have the same class right now which is...Maths.' I groaned. 'Urghhhhhh, maths? Miss Taylor.'

Miss Taylor is great but if someone messes or late in her class, detention. And she gives a LOT of homework. 'Yup and we don't want to be late!' She said. She grabbed my hand and we walked, more like running to the class.

The class starts in 15 minutes and we don't want to be late. I sat on a chair and Cat sat beside me. Then another friend of mine, Sara came. We aren't very close though. But we are friends. So she came and said to me. 'Have you heard?' I gave her a puzzled look. 'Heard what?' 'Do you remember that dangerous guy that's been stalking, abusing girls whatsoever?' She asked. I nodded. 'Well his name is Mark' She said. So I asked her back 'What about Mark?' She smirked 'Well-' Sara was about to say something about this Mark dude but then Miss Taylor walked in. Sara went back to her seat snd mouthed me 'Later.'

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