Moment in Time (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be hurt so badly that everything around you seems like a blur? Feeling scared every morning to wake up and get out of your room because of your parents. The little dance you do in your head when you’ve escaped the wrath of those you love. The moment of fear you have when you’re cornered by your father, beating you with a hot iron rod. The mom that doesn’t care when you’re getting beaten; only cheers it on. It’s as if you want all the pain, hurt, and fear to wash away, but it doesn’t. You dream about having the perfect family with all the love and care in the world. You wish for all those fairy tales to come true but then it’s time to fly back down to reality. Nothing is ever picture perfect, no matter how much you try. All the plans of having a happy and enjoyable life vanishes when you see the state of your family. Having to come home every night to see your parents drunk off their butt and having to take care of yourself and the people aroun


4. Chapter 4


**A/N: Yes I'm doing an authors note in the beginning because this is too EXCITING to wait till the end. I'm doing someone else's POV now!!! His name is Tyler! Not much of you know about him and I wanted to change things up a bit! Anyways I'll begin!

Tyler's POV

     I've been screwed up in the head lately. For a while now, all I could think about was Lily. That stupid girl got me all worked up. It's probably all my fault though. Most people don't even know what happened; maybe her friends but that's it. Lily was probably the first girl that I have ever liked. That sounds weird coming from a player's mouth but its true. One night, I was going to ask her out, way before I was a player. I was planning it for a while. Everything went terrible. I didn't expect anything like that to happen.


Today is finally the day I have been waiting for. It is the day I am going to ask my long-time crush out. I planned everything out perfectly. I decided to send her text to meet up with me for something important.

Hey Lily, can you meet up with me like right now? It's important :) 

Yea sure, where exactly??

Starbucks in 10 cya there.

I was already ready so I headed out. Some people might think I'm a wuss to act like this about a girl, but what can I say? I've never met anyone like her before. Arriving at Starbucks early, I only had to wait about five more minutes for Lily. She came on time.

"Hey." I say having everything under control.

"Hey! What's something so important that you had to meet me right now?" She said. I could tell she was trying to say that as nice as possible. I didn't take it the wrong way though so it all works.

"Well..." I say dragging my words out, "I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me?" I was proud of myself for not being nervous. Like I said, I have everything under control. However, it was as if something inside Lily clicked. The look she gave me was truly something I would be terrified of for weeks. Her eyes were wide open, her cheeks puffed out, and her nose stood out.  But then, she got herself under control.

"Lily what's wrong? Wh--" She cut me off.

"I-I-I'm sorry, but I can't. I just can't." She gasped. I saw her eyes looking everywhere but me trying to look for some way to escape. I don't know what happened to me. I dragged her into the closest ally and pushed her against the wall. I was so angry words could not describe what I am feeling.

"Why not Lily! Am I not good enough for you?" I hiss at her. I wasn't afraid to show all my anger out at her. She hurt me. No one has ever dared to hurt me before.  She kept quiet, trying to wriggle out of my grasp.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WENT THROUGH? I SPENT ALL DAY PLANNING THIS FOR YOU AND YOUR NOT EVEN AGREEING? HOW DARE YOU. WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL?" I yell in her face. When I couldn't take in anymore, I forced her to kiss me. I grabbed her arms and pinned it behind her head.

"You know, thousands of girls would love to be in your position. I'm the hottest guy in school, and I'm asking YOU out of all people. I don't care." I continued to force her to kiss me. She tried screaming but I knew that was coming.

"Ty-Tyler please stop! You don't know how bad my life is. Just please stop." She tried negotiating. I wouldn't take it. I tried to kiss her but then she licked my face. I stepped back for a bit to wipe my face after she disgustedly licked me. That was enough for her to run away from me. She grabbed her things and ran as fast as she could. However, before she did run, she kneed me in my crouch making sure I wouldn't chase after her. It worked. I just went home and beat myself over how much I screwed up. The whole weekend, I was quiet and refused to talk to anyone. I finally came up to an epiphany that if so many girls thought I was hot, maybe I'll just play with their feelings. I promised myself from this day forward to become a player.


     Truth is, I've never stopped liking her. As much as I tried to, it just wouldn't happen. All the girls I played with, I didn't care about them. I only cared about one girl. That's why I had to play out my drama scene today in the principal's office. You see, I am throwing a party tomorrow. A few people have gotten a personal invite for me. The thing that is so important about that is the fact that when I personally invite someone, I want something from them. Everyone knows what that something is. I wasn't sure if Lily did, but even if she's not getting out of it. I planned something to get her to like me again. I just hope that this time it works. I could not wait for her to come tomorrow. I would be the hero this time, not the villain.

      I call my friend to make sure he knows what's going to happen tonight.


"Hello?" He says.

"It's me, Tyler." I say back.

"Oh, well what do you need?"

"I just wanted to make sure you knew what was happening tonight, right?"

"What thing?....Oh wait, that thing."

"Yea, we'll go over it before the party starts. Actually get your butt over here now."

"I can't now, I have stuff to do. I'll be over there in like 15 though..."

"Yea, yea whatever. Just keep in mind what's at stake for you."

     With that, I hang up. Sooner or later he arrives at my house looking like a fool. I don't even like him which is why I'm using him as my puppet.

"So, can we go through the plan one more time?" says the fool.

"Yea whatever man. So here's what's going to happen so listen closely. I know what you did that night, you know pretty darn well which night I'm talking about. If you mess up the slightest bit, you're screwed. You have to agree to this plan. I don't care what you say, if you don't listen to me then I can blackmail your sorry butt. Saying that, let's start with what's going to happen. You listening?" I demand.

"Yes mate." He mumbles.

"Well anyways, this girl is going to come to the party. You don't need to know who she is. I distract her and you get the number, Then, well you know the rest..." I say.

"Your messing with you know who I am? I can ruin your life with a snap of my fingers." That douche bag says.

"Yes I do," I grimace, "you're Harry, THE Harry Styles....."


**A/N: Ok guys I know this is a bit shorter then usual but I wanted to tell you more about Tyler but keep him a bit more mysterious too.So anyways next scene is the party!!!!!!!  I cant wait! Keep reading please! It's just about to get good! :)  Don't forget to Comment, Fan, and Vote! Goodbye my lovelies! <3 :) <3 xx

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