Moment in Time (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be hurt so badly that everything around you seems like a blur? Feeling scared every morning to wake up and get out of your room because of your parents. The little dance you do in your head when you’ve escaped the wrath of those you love. The moment of fear you have when you’re cornered by your father, beating you with a hot iron rod. The mom that doesn’t care when you’re getting beaten; only cheers it on. It’s as if you want all the pain, hurt, and fear to wash away, but it doesn’t. You dream about having the perfect family with all the love and care in the world. You wish for all those fairy tales to come true but then it’s time to fly back down to reality. Nothing is ever picture perfect, no matter how much you try. All the plans of having a happy and enjoyable life vanishes when you see the state of your family. Having to come home every night to see your parents drunk off their butt and having to take care of yourself and the people aroun


3. Chapter 3


Lily’s POV

   Waking up to the memories of a series of unfortunate events can be quite depressing. But putting that to the back of my mind, I realize that I NEED to make it up to Ben and this mystery girl. I force my lazy butt to drag myself to the bathroom. I hurriedly brush my teeth and wash my face with the marvelous clean and clear morning burst. You know, I have to sanitize those cuts from last night. Makeup can only do so much.

    Taking out my makeup kit, I skillfully conceal all the deep gashes and cuts. Next, taking a kabuki brush, I apply a press powder allover. Looking into the mirror, I see that I have successfully hidden all the cuts. Walking over to my closet, I see my options. I choose a few outfits and lay them on my bed. I have three outfits to choose from and only one choice. Outfit number one consists of a leather jacket, an off-white lace dress, tights, and combat boots. Outfit two, on the other hand, consists of distressed faded jeans, navy blue high-top converse, and a sweatshirt with a big giant panda with nerd glasses. Last but not least, outfit three consists of a mint green chiffon top paired over a black camisole and tied into a knot at the end, black skinny jeans, and black riding boots. I end up choosing outfit number two. Outfit number one would be a little too tight and cause severe pain. Outfit number three, I’m just not feeling it today. Picking my backpack up, I head out of this jail room. You might be wondering why I don’t have to use my super awesome ninja skills today, just joking. My parents usually hit some motel after a large dose of alcohol, if you know what I mean.

    Arriving at the school’s huge wooden doors, I hesitate about going in. What if someone finds out what happened last night?

“Lily! Come ‘ere!” Chelsea shouts over at her locker.

“That’s kinda what I was doing…” I retort back

“Oh shut up you.” She teases back. I use my awesome ninja skills to creep up behind her. Right when I’m a breath away, I jab her pressure points by her waist.

“AAAAAHHH!” She shrieks.

“Oh my have such a girly scream!” Ben says as he walks towards Chelsea and I.

“I’m not the one with man boobs.” She remarks right back.

“Oh Chelsea I’m pretty sure the whole girl population would disagree with that sweetie.” Caitlin smirks at Chelsea, popping out of nowhere.

“Where’d you come from?” I ask. Truthfully this amuses me. Oh no, Ben has that mischievous glint in his eyes. He’s got his eyes focused on something. I guide my eyes, finding that it leads to Chelsea. They’re both staring at each other. I look back at Caitlin finding her eyes filled with adoration. What is happening?

“Um...guys am I missing something?” I ask. They don’t give me an answer but I guess what I see next answers my question. Ben walks over to Chelsea, going into her personal space, making it look intimate.

“Hey Babe, miss me?” Ben asks before pecking her on the lips. What the actual fudge? My jaw dropped open. I’m pretty sure I could see the flies about to catch in my mouth.

“B-But…what the heck happened? Did you know about this Caitlin??” I ask, shocked out of my own mind. I turn to look at Caitlin and find that there is heat rising up to her face. She knew! She knew all this time about this! How dare they all!

“Well, maybe if you actually came over at seven, then you would have found out. Trust me, it would have been way more exciting” Ben says. If only he knew what stopped me from coming.

“Still! By the way I’m super sorry about that! Something super important happened and I just totally forgot! I’ll make it up to you though.” I master up quickly. I know that Ben still has part of a grudge on me.

“Whatever,” Chelsea interjects, “Your lucky we love you.”

“Awww so shweet!” Caitlin coos in a baby voice. Next thing I know, BAM! We’re in a group hug. Ben, Chelsea, and Caitlin attack me in a tight squeeze. I, unfortunately, was hugged the tightest. I yelp out in pain, feeling the brutal beatings from yesterday. Somehow, they thought I was messing around. I start moaning and shrieking out in pain, and that’s when they finally contract out of the hug.

“What’s wrong?” They chorus simultaneously. Think of a great excuse, think of a great excuse.

“RIIIINGG” Whoa! That was close. I was just saved by the bell! Lucky me. As I walk away, Chelsea catches up with me.

“What...” I say pretty annoyed.

“Nothing, we have first period together,” she explains, “Sheesh what’s got your panties in a twist.”  Haha, leave it up to Chelsea to cheer me up.

“You know, this is exactly why I love you so much.” I giggle.

“Hey now, I don’t roll that way honey” She teases.

“Oh whatever.” I playfully slap her arm.   

Walking into class, I just think about my friends. Where would I be without them? Woah, what is it with me and getting all sappy all the time?

"Ms.Lily Anne please come to the office. Once again Ms. Lily Anne please come to the office.” squeaks the PA.

“OOOOOOOOOOO! Someone’s in trouble!” says basically the whole class. I have no idea what I did. I mean, I barely ever get in trouble. To tell you the truth, I’m frightened. I walk myself to the principal’s office and what I saw next,  I will never forget.

Sitting there on the chair talking to the principal was the one and only Tyler. That wasn’t the worst thing. He had the eyes of a tiger, a mysterious glint in his eyes. When the principal finally realized I was here, he looked over at me. His chubby face was red and he looked angry, very angry. The devil’s son, Tyler, also looked at me. I was right, his eyes looked mischievous and right then and there I knew he wasup to something. When the principal looked away, he gave me an evil grin. I was befuddled. Before I could open my mouth, the principal turned towards me, looking ready to explode.

“What is the Ms. Anne that I’m hearing about?” he scolds at me. This is bad. He only addresses people with their last names when they’re in deep trouble.

“I do not understand what you are trying to say sir.” I gently say back.

“I think you do. I’m going to step out the door so you can talk to Mr. Rodger and apologize to him.” With that, he walked out of the door. Tyler looks at me smiling creepily.

“Um, Tyler, care to explain?” I say, my patience running thin.

“Basically, I told a few lies, mixed some words up, and blackmailed you. I knew if I were to ask you this without the blackmailing, you wouldn’t listen,” he grabs my waist and whispers in my ear, “Be at my party tomorrow at 8 or else I won’t take back what I told the principal.”

“Do you really think you can blackmail me like that? Sorry to break it to you Ty-Ty but blackmailing is my specialty...” I say.

“But, you know our principal is money crazy and if I give him know where this is going right?” He blatantly says. He has a point. Our principal was crazy for money and as much as I hated to admit it, Tyler was rich.

“Fine, but you better take everything back that you told the principal.” I demanded. The pirncipal walked back into the office.

“You may leave now Ms. Anne while I talk to this young man.” He says, I give Tyler one more look before I leave. I guess I have nothing better to do then listen to his sick demands.

Realizing that now it’s me for lunch, I go buy myself some food. The minute I walk in, the whole cafeteria quiets down and EVERYONE looks at me like I murdered someone. I ignore it and just keep walking. Walking and walking till the minute I get to my table, all eyes on me still. I sit down and pretend nothings happening.

“Guys, what’s happening? I’m scared. These people are looking at me like I killed someone...” I admit a bit frightened.

“Wait, you mean you don’t know?” Ben says a little befuddled.

“Just get to the point and tell me straight up!” I say annoyed.

“Well,” Chelsea interjects, “Basically everyone knows about what Tyler said. He’s been telling everyone.”

“WHAT?” I yell “Tell me exactly what he told you guys.”

“He said that you were going to his party tomorrow know what he means when he invites girls to parties.” Caitlin says looking nervous.

“Omg, he’s the one who blackmailed me into going tomorrow! You think I would go to his party to do those things? You all know what he did. It was him not me!” I scream.

“Calm down, that’s what he was saying, not us.” Ben says.

I guess he’s right. The rest of the day passes by pretty quickly with the occasional stares. I guess there’s nothing left but to deal with the facts. Well if he tries or does anything tomorrow, he’s going to get his butt kicked.


**A/N: Oh my gosh guys I'm sooo sorry for the late update! I lost track of time! I hope you guys continue reading this! Oh yea and I PROMISE Harry Styles will be introduced soon! Like very soon! Oh yea don't forget to Vote, Comment, and Fan! Bye my lovelies! :) <3 :) xx

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