Moment in Time (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be hurt so badly that everything around you seems like a blur? Feeling scared every morning to wake up and get out of your room because of your parents. The little dance you do in your head when you’ve escaped the wrath of those you love. The moment of fear you have when you’re cornered by your father, beating you with a hot iron rod. The mom that doesn’t care when you’re getting beaten; only cheers it on. It’s as if you want all the pain, hurt, and fear to wash away, but it doesn’t. You dream about having the perfect family with all the love and care in the world. You wish for all those fairy tales to come true but then it’s time to fly back down to reality. Nothing is ever picture perfect, no matter how much you try. All the plans of having a happy and enjoyable life vanishes when you see the state of your family. Having to come home every night to see your parents drunk off their butt and having to take care of yourself and the people aroun


1. Chapter 1



Lily’s POV

“Hey Lily honey, go pack your suitcase. Your father and I are taking you on a getaway. Your schoolwork seems to stress you out. It’s our treat to you for being our perfect daughter!”

“K Mom. Thanks by the way. You’re the best family ever! Love you.”

“Love you t—“


Ugh! Stupid alarm. Ruined my perfect dream. Those dreams are my only way to find happiness in this darn house, might as well get out of bed now. I get shivers trying to get up without the floors creaking. It would be bad if my parents woke up. Oh how happy they would be to get their amusement from beating me this morning. It’s weird how I can have the best dreams with a perfect family but in reality, they don’t even deserve to be called “parents.”

            I take a quick trip to the bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my hair and get out. I do not take a shower in the morning because the sound will surely wake those demons up *cough*cough* my parents. The time is 7:15 and if I don’t leave soon I’m going to be late. Let me see, it takes me about twenty minutes to walk to school so if I leave in fifteen minutes then I’ll reach to school at about 7:50. School starts at 8:00 so I’m all good. Hmmm what shall I wear? I choose out a plain white tee, some black skinny jeans, a varsity jacket, and blackish grey Jordans. It’s time for me to leave this prison. Yippee!


As I walk to school, all I do is pop my headphones in and think about life. That’s what I always do. It’s kind of my way to release all the negativity in my life and think positive. It gives me time to actually dream about things, how life would be happily ever after. I wish sometimes that I can run from all my problems. I just want to take all the anger that has been building inside of me and yell it all out. I feel as if I don’t try hard enough everything is going to collapse me in. If I mess anything up, I’m going to be ruining something much bigger than what I’m going through. I believe with all my heart that things will definitely change. There is a time for everyone; mine is just not here yet. But it will, someday….

“Oops! Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” I say. Wow, I am a total klutz, like always.

“Oh if it isn’t Lily Anne! What up hot stuff.” retorts Tyler. He is one of the school’s players. Him and his jock friends. Gross.

“Um, buh-bye…” I reply. He is SUCH a loser. He never gives up does he? Tyler and I have a long running history. It just sickens me. I walk to my locker, grab my things and walk to class. I sit beside my best friend, Chelsea. I pass her a note that says: Hey what’s up? I expect her not to reply and then get mad at me afterwards for interrupting her precious “academic time.” Oh, if only she knew. I do that every morning just to get on her nerves.

“Ok class, take out your materials. Today we will engage in studies about the harmful parasites found all around the world,” commands Mr. Crane. We’re just going to listen to him going on and on and on about this crappy topic. Doesn’t he understand that no one cares? All anyone ever does is talk. I completely zone out on whatever he says. After what seems like ages, the bell rings. Truth is, I’m in senior year and sixteen, but I take AP classes. I’m actually supposed to be starting junior year. I even take classes up a grade level, like chemistry for instance. What I love about that class is that all of my best friends are in that class with me! There’s Chelsea, Caitlin, and Ben. They are all seniors. I’m the baby and they tease me a lot for that. But at least I’m smarter than them!

 Chelsea is the nerdy one in our group. She unconditionally loves to read books. Chelsea is five foot seven, has dirty blonde hair, grey eyes, and beautiful light skin. She’s on the debate team. She can win any argument and I am so dead serious. Even when Chelsea’s wrong, she can seem innocent. She is correspondingly one of the prettiest girls in our grade. At least that’s what I think. She’s naturally pretty not the ugly slutty pretty, like most of the girls in our school. Beauty and brains, who would have thought? Then there’s Caitlin. She’s the short one. Of course we tease her for it. But she knows we love her to death. She is definitely the gossip queen. She knows everything about everyone. Caitlin is also tremendously melodramatic. It’s really amusing. She’s five foot two, has brown hair, olive skin, and emerald green eyes. I’ve never seen anyone’s eyes as intriguing as her. They sparkled with tiny specks of gold. Her eyes drew you in and looked animalistic. We can’t forget about Ben. Aaah, Ben, what can I say? He is the jokester. He is probably the funniest guy you will ever meet. Ben can make anything funny. If the atmosphere is tense, he knows just what to say to lighten up the mood. No one can ever be mad at him for long, at least I can’t. He’s six foot five so he’s certainly tall. Ben has black hair in a quiff, chocolate brown eyes, and tan almost dark skin. Oh did I mention he has abs? He’s on the swim team so all of the girls come to watch his abs. Creepy. Ben is also probably one of the most liked guys in our grade. With a snap of his finger, he can get any girl. Unlike some other dudes, Ben didn’t take advantage of girls. He’s only had one girlfriend, his current one. Last and least, there’s me. There’s really nothing special about me. I’m just the girly girl in the group. Apparently they think I’m a fashionista. I don’t really know if that’s true or not. The thing is I like to shop...enormously and I’m somewhat intelligent. I’m five foot eight. I have dark brown almost black hair, brown skin, and dark brown eyes. I’m not really pretty. Your average girl, that’s basically who I am.

“Hey what up?” I yell to my friends across the chemistry room. They don’t reply so I guess that they didn’t hear me. I walk over to their location, overhearing them whisper something. Right when I walk into the little circle they made, the whispering stops. “Oh hey, didn’t see you there.” Ben remarks nervously while fiddling with his fingers.

‘Um…guys what’s wrong? You all seem nervous for some strange reason.” I say suspiciously. This is so unlike them.

“N-nothing!” Chelsea quickly interjects.

“Oh ok.” I say deciding to drop the subject. If they don’t want me to know then I guess it’s for the best of me. But knowing them, they’ll tell me sooner or later. The teacher, Mrs. Brancatella, walks through the door.

“Class, today we will be working on chemistry experiments. Please choose you partner and walk quietly to the lab.” Mrs. Brancatella says.

“Yo Lily want to be my partner?” Ben asks.

“Sure.” I say with a smile. Ben and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. He’s like the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

“So how ya been Lilycakes?”

“Ah nothing much, same old same old. How about you?”

“Same here. Oh yea, I want you to meet my girlfriend. Can you come over sometime?”

“Yea sure. When?”

“How about tonight at 7?”

“Sounds like a plan!” I say. I’m actually really excited about this. He’s been talking about this girl since like forever. I was so happy to find out that he got himself a girlfriend.

            Sooner or later, the school day comes to an end. Most people would be happy about that but not me. You see, school is the only time I can actually live life and not be scared. I don’t have to worry about getting hurt or crying my heart out. But like they say, all good things must come to an end. When I reach home, the first thing I do is look for my parents. Phew! They’re not here. I sneak up to my room. Just as I walk up the staircase. There comes out my dad with an electrical cord. He has a creepy smile on his face as if he’s been expecting me for a while. Oh no…what do I do now?

“Hey honey, you’re finally home. I’ve been waiting a while now.” He states, his breath reeking of alcohol. “You know how I get when I don’t get my amusement. You somehow escaped me in the morning but not now. Come on little girl, come closer. I dare you.”

“No! Please no! Dad please don’t do this!” I cry out loud.

“Lily, I said come closer now! Either you come or I’ll force you.” He said, his voice filled with anger. My legs were frozen. My entire body was shaking. I didn’t know what to do. Before I could listen to his command, that’s when I saw it. The electrical cord smacked me on the right side of my face. I yelped out in pain. That’s when my mom walked in. Instead of trying to stop my dad, she smiled.

“Oh Lily, it hurts doesn’t it? But I don’t care. It makes me happy watching you suffer. I think it’s amazing. Honey, hit her harder! Make her forget her own name.” my mother demanded, still smiling but now starting to laugh. And that’s when it came. One by one, the electrical cord whipped me. My father’s paces got faster and harder. All over my body, I felt the slashes of the cord. I yelped out and even started crying. Once they heard my cries, they started laughing.

“Dad, Mom, please don’t! It hurts! Dad stop!” I shriek out. The pain was like no other. I knew in the morning I would have painful scars all over my body reminding me of my shameful life.

“You want me to stop Lily? You think I’m actually going to? Ha, I’m only beginning.” That’s when my mom brought out the iron rod. She placed it over the fire. I knew what was coming next. As the rod heated up, it burned. My dad drew the rod out of the fire place and hacked its next victim. The victim just happened to be me. If I thought the cord was bad, I hadn’t even felt the rod. It cut into my skin, exposing the blood. But he didn’t stop. He hacked the rod at me more and more. That’s when I saw all the blood gushing out. I didn’t know what to do. I was getting dizzy. I knew I was losing too much blood. That’s when I tried to make my dad stop one more time.

“Dad please! Stop, I’m losing too much blood!” I scream out in pain as the rod slashed at my forehead. He didn’t listen. If my mercy plea did anything, what it did was make things worse. The next thing I felt were burns all over my body. The rod was burning right through my skin. That was the moment when my mom joined in the beating. She took out her belt and thrashed it as hard as she could as if her life depended on it. It hurt, but it wasn’t as bad as the rod. Together combined, was the worst thing ever. It was as if all their anger and madness was taking its toll on me. I was getting gashes all over my body. The rod hacked right through my jeans. I felt as if this was then end. My mom lashed the belt on my face. I could already feel the gash everywhere on my face. I knew by tomorrow, if there was a tomorrow, I would see ugly bruises, deep gashes, and bloody scars. My cries grew louder by the second. I was sobbing so hard and flamboyant that I’m pretty sure our neighbors heard it. They just chose to ignore it. That was when I heard my dad start to talk again.

“You want mercy? Then you better ask for it. You were a mistake now let me know you are. Beg! Beg me for mercy.” My dad said in such a firm tone, I was cowardly hiding in my own skin. Somehow this voice made me fear my own dad more than ever.

“Dad! Dad! Please stop! I’m sorry! I was a mistake. I see that now! Dad please stop it hurts! I’m begging you Dad!” I listen to him. Miraculously, he slows down. He doesn’t stop completely but it’s better than nothing. I don’t know if he stopped or not. I could tell that the blood loss was already too much. Before I knew what was happening, I blacked out.

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