One of five

Ally is a typical high schooler who was having a normal life so far. Until her dad meets the manager of one direction. Her life is about to change. Hugely. When she falls in love for 1 of the boys.


2. That night

I wake up in the morning thinking about nothing but 1D. I still couldn't believe that my dad is friends with the MANAGER of ONE DIRECTION. This was crazy. I slept in a state of shock. I stretch and got out of bed rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I had the whole morning to my self so I grabbed my phone and hit the couch. I texted my friends. I could do anything but time passed by so fast. Before I knew it it was 6:00 already. My parents came back and told me to get ready. I went upstairs and got what I was going to wear. A black and blue dress with fish net stockings and knee high boots. I took a shower and put my clothes on. I brushed my hair and flipped it over my shoulder and went downstairs to find my mom and dad waiting on the couch. When they saw me they got their things and we went to magiano's. when we got out of the car I forgot my phone so I had to go back to get it. When I re entered the parking lot I was nervous. Then I entered the restraunt
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