One of five

Ally is a typical high schooler who was having a normal life so far. Until her dad meets the manager of one direction. Her life is about to change. Hugely. When she falls in love for 1 of the boys.


1. News. Good news

I was sitting in my room at the beginning of summer break on my phone when my dad comes back from his party that night. He calls me downstairs with excitement. For some reason. I slipped my phone in my pocket and sighed as I came down. "Yes, dad?" He looks at me and says" I met this man at the party and we talked a lot. He became one of my friends. And before he left he told me" oh and theres something you should know." He handed me a card." He handed it to me and it said: come and meet me at maggiono's with the boys ( one direction) (I'm their manager!),it said in hand written ink. "Wow dad you just met the manager of my favorite boy band." I flipped the card over and it said tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:00. Just your family, one direction and me. See you there Kevin! I gave dad the card and ran up to my room to see what I was going to where for tomorrow night....and of what to say.
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