One of five

Ally is a typical high schooler who was having a normal life so far. Until her dad meets the manager of one direction. Her life is about to change. Hugely. When she falls in love for 1 of the boys.


5. How my life gets a whole lot better part 2

Somethings were just too serious to understand. But Harry listened the whole way, though. I avoided his eyes because if I look into them, I would get so deep into thought that I would just stare. We ate our Italian food that we ordered and ate it all. After the manager had said something funny, his face turned dead serious, which was creepy because right after laughing his thoughts turned all the way around. Everyone at the table stopped laughing immediately. We all put our serious faces on and looked at him. "I have something very important to tell you. A bit of a shock, yes. When we go on the world tour, we get three extra tickets. I have asked my friends if they wanted to go, but they said they had 'things' to do. The reason I asked you here, well", he got a look of confusion on his face for a reason I didn't know."I want to know if you want to go on the world tour with us." Too much was going through my head right now. Meeting one direction, Harry kissing me on the cheek. Now the world tour? I could not grasp my consciousness. It slipped right through my hands before me. And before my body fell into Harry's arms, everything went black and all I could remember was falling.
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