One of five

Ally is a typical high schooler who was having a normal life so far. Until her dad meets the manager of one direction. Her life is about to change. Hugely. When she falls in love for 1 of the boys.


7. Busted

Harry and I had been kissing for a while now. I sank in his warm arms and pressed my lips against his. But you wouldn't imagine what happened next. My parents walked outside. They must have been worried about me being gone. They gasped when they saw it. They pulled me away from shocked Harry styles and we drove away. They taunted me in the car." You embarrassed us infront of the manager ofONE DIRECTION and now you go off kissing one of his clients? When we go on the tour, don't touch him. Don't sit next to him. Don't even look at him." I was furious."Harry and I are none of your business so stay out!", I said." Talk back again to me like that again and your not going on the tour.", he said." Why do you have to treat me like a baby all the time? I'm growing up! It's not fair. Let me make my own choices!" We pulled up in the driveway."that's it your not going." I slammed my room door and cried and cried and cried so much I barely noticed the ink pen written on my hand that said Harry's number. Atleast I had some hope.

*im going to split the chapters now into Harry's point of view and ally's so no confusion. Hope you are enjoying!*
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